BEIGE: natural trend from ARTIST


Last day of the UNIS SUPERLYCRA session. Quickly to your screens to make this difficult choice between:

  • Blue NAVY: “I really want to! »
  • Rouge CARMIN: “You look so good on me! »
  • OCEAN Turquoise: “I’m strutting! »
  • GRAY: 'It's exquisite!'
  • BEIGE: “I love you! »

ARTIST highlights its beigelight medium from its 2023 palette, chic and tonal.


All these plain options obviously match the collections lovingly hung on your hangers, and all those which will quickly find their place in your dressing room. They arrive every 5 weeks! The one in preparation reserves you a spring summer season entry in SAFARI, men's and women's,

from 13 to 21 January 23, delivery end of April.

 Between off-white and very light brown, synonymous with sober elegance, beige brings neutral refinement, timeless and trendy.

Renowned for being relaxing, which goes wonderfully with natural materials such as linen or cotton, silk, velvet or faux leather aspects... Don't hesitate to enhance it by combining accessories, bags or wooden shoes , leather, rattan, jute…

Ethnic, bohemian, romantic, contemporary, all the delicate shades of beige easily allow many timeless silhouettes. There is something for all styles, all tastes: country, modern, zen, vintage, design…

The associations :

The color beige belongs to the earth, to the family of brownsthat you can mix with your eyes closed, without making any mistakes! Be greedy and bring chocolate, caramel, hazelnut, cinnamon from the café au lait.

 Sensual, it is nude, powdery, golden. Charming, it resembles pistachio shells, mushrooms... Facetious, it becomes string or mole or camel...

Add small touches of red, just to energize this somewhat demure duo. Give power with tomato, currant, fire or English red, up to garnet.

With a mineral shade like gray? beige brightens gray, and gray gives it a touch of character. Trust anthracite, slate, iron, lead. Looking for more sweetness? Turn to silver gray, mouse, pearl, clay.

To boost the whole look, revive it with a yellow, it's a tried and tested trio!

And the green? Create a vegetable look, and combine your beige harmoniously.

If you like dark, you can opt for the fir green, empire, spinach or bottle green color chart.

For a calmer atmosphere, focus on almond green, sage, moss or even lichen.

An ideal union? The blue, omnipresent in the ARTIST themes, adds a little depth. For a holiday feel, beige is set in a seaside style! It evokes sand and the blue really plays the beach card.

The good idea with the beige and blue combo? A trifecta of sandy, arid sunny with a horizon whether pastel sky or heavenly azure; and more impertinent with a cobalt or an oil that we adore, more obscure with an ultramarine.

Excellent transition between pure white and the bright gold side, we never tire of this golden beige. Allied, these two colors enhance each other. Of the same purity, they lead to relaxed, refined, minimalist looks.

With dark tones, we create relief and beige softens the contrast with serenity. The black reinforces its couture side.

Bright, beige is not sad at all, absolutely not.

It can be worn without hesitation with other neutrals, as a total look, but also with all the flashier designs and abundant prints that wake it up! Easy, accommodating, truly chameleon color, in summary at ARTIST, beige has it all!




Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.

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