Legend of Autumn

 “Legends of Autumn”, the new collection ARTIST is a tribute to colors, shapes and textures which make up the autumnal landscapes.

The canvas of Olivier Morel is the reflection of his insatiable admiration for nature, whose poetic language he knows how to sublimate through a palette of bright and warm colors.

A few months ago, the painter described in his blog how autumn had tamed him as a teenager. "...confined to the countryside every weekend by my parents , I escaped into the forest, taking a box of watercolors and a few brushes, I discovered the wet and gleaming colors, the scent of dead leaves and mushrooms, the smell of animals hidden in the ferns which scampered towards me. approach... I painted my first autumnal forests inspired by Fontainebleu, Les Eyzies and Rambouillet at the Beaux-Arts in Paris in 1991... Painting autumn is more complicated than it seems The light is. often dull, weakened foliage reveals black branches... To avoid the boredom of easy and saturated colors, you must decline in subtle ranges of pinks and earths, cut the yellows with gray, ocher and green, oder violets and purples Finally contrast with the infinite variety of colors of the trunks - green, gray, blue, orange, white, with the rocks with the thickness of the air... We must above all avoid repeating ourselves in remaining vigilant and attentive to the passage of time because there is not one autumn but as many autumns as there are days in this season..."

 Just as he surveys the forests he paints, "...you can survey the painting in all directions, letting yourself be guided by your emotions, your sensations in order to penetrate the 'essence of the forest...", he writes again.

When he walks in the forest, Olivier M. listens, observes, draws. Without a specific plan, he immerses himself in this astonishing experience, sometimes including meeting animals (wild boar, deer). He sometimes photographs and therefore comes back with another visible trace of the memory, of his experienced and remembered sensations. And these ampliative supports reconvoke the 5 extended senses of a 6It is the intuition!

The return of autumn” brings together a mini-series of 4 emblematic paintings of the autumn season within a complete cycle dedicated to the forest for all times of the year.


The color of the forest makes its way. The intense foliage vibrates with beams of celestial light naturally tempered by the undergrowth. A few scars bear witness to the time written on the trunks of these beech trees, all the more majestic as they crack. The sensory evocation is at its peak. The painter Olivier Morel triggers through immersion and propagation the same well-being, the same noises, the same smells, as if the spectator were truly walker.



From the heart of this forest, the ARTIST team brought back a collection of Art-à-Porter:


  • Paprika pants to fit the contours of this season of gold and fire. The straight cut of the leg is reminiscent of the verticality of trees,
  • A high-neck sweater with a shimmering velvety finish to recall their bark,
  • The printed cardigan to get you through mid-season with style and confidence,
  • The jacket, orange interior lining, whose rich jacquard fabric reflects the vegetation of Olivier M.,
  • The plain cardigan in warm monochrome for cool days,
  • The dress with clean lines and fine details stands out with its bold patterns and vibrant colors.


And other pieces are being added to the range which will be accessible online from May 5 to 14.

An autumn wardrobe for a smooth and original return to school, a clever mix of style, comfort and personality.

The artistic path ofOlivier Morel is enlightened, guided, marked with depth and reflection. His creative approach draws its roots from his personal experiences and his attentive observations of the world around him.

Its collaboration with Artist Le Studio BF was born from a common desire to create a unique and original collection, imbued with emotion and creativity . With the work of Olivier Morel, the brand renews its desire to surprise and tells its “Autumn Legend”.



Olivier Morel lives and works in Paris. He is represented in the Louis Gendre Chamalières galleries - https://www.galerielouisgendre.com and Red Zone Geneva/Switzerland and Frankfurt/Germany - https://red-zone-arts-gallery.com




Youtube videos: Forest 49, season 3 – Forest 48, season 2 – Olivier Morel, 30 minutes in the house in the forest – Olivier Morel, rose forest, in the studio .

Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.

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