2022 marked the second anniversary of ARTIST!

 Our little structure is now well in place with the right people, the right partners and the right suppliers, and fans, each more adorable than the last!

We have found our rhythm.

 Coté collection :

 10 collections adapted from artistic creations including one for the UNIS SUPERLYCRA to coordinate.

 Our desire is to present real distinctive nuances, characteristic differences, diversity between each theme.

 We feel that the objective has been achieved.

 We took risks on heterogeneous paths with the works:

Between the Lines” by Pola Carmen”,


Tapestry, hats off to one of our weavers”

or “Of Ice and Colors, by Claire de Chavagnac-Brugnon”.


We offered colorful stories, firstly a multi-coach bordered in black with Alione and its “Port de Cassis”,

then all in polychromy at Véronique LafontLet’s listen to our landscapes”.


Palettes around a dominant: “Getting lost in the blue” by Catherine Cazau

or the red “Abruzzes” signed Anne Brenner.


Rich variety in our color proposals:

 White, gray and yellow for “Between the lines

Red, pine green and turquoise for “Le port de Cassis

Navy and off-white, getting lost in the blue

Chocolate, cream, and red on “Les herbes fous” by Anne Goujaud

Bleu Violet on “Barocco” by Anne Gérard

Eggplant and red in Abruzzo

White and multi-colored on “Of Ice and Colors

Beige, carmine, ocean, navy and gray, new monochrome colorama 2023.

 We “worked hard” to design original models, shapes that change.

We took up our sleeves like so many challenges to recommend a renewed wardrobe.

A ¾ dressy jacket, skirt and long dress for the “Lose in the blue” collection.

A crafted shirt, crimson hooded jacket to stand out in “Lesherbes Folles

A very “Barocco” sweater, knit dress and coat

A poncho, woolen jacket, pants and knitted skirt in the heart of “Abruzzo

A frock coat, dress and shirt straight out of “Tapisserie

A superb down jacket among the sporty chic pieces for the cold weather “Of ice and colors


The same goes for materials!

We use without moderation the most reliable ones that we know well. But we have made it a point of honor to find new fabrics for you.

Cupro, fancy knits, comfortable stretch, wool with thread effects, jacquard designs...


We spent a lot of time looking for surprising ideas for our photos and videos, cool places to take you, new angles, revealing and showcasing our collections in enchanting settings.


 On the customer side, we receive a lot of encouragement and superb, touching, very constructive messages, which we remember with attention.

We also gained co-producers who are now convinced. It’s heartwarming and so encouraging! Thank you!


We saw multiple exhibitions, visited many artists, and spent time traveling to meet them in their studios.


Lots of nourishing contacts leading to some creativity-stimulating collaborations, that’s how it is.


Goodbye 2022, and soon the rest of ARTIST.


Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.

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  • VeroM

    Comme on dit là-bas, Gooooood Joooob ! :-)
    A bientôt pour de nouvelles appréciations de vos émerveillantes créations artist-BFrance-ment belles ! :-)
    Bonne fin d’année à toute la TEAM (les visibles et les invisibles :-) ) !!

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