Anne Brenner, incredible artist, grew up in France but was born in Canada where she spent her early childhood. His Proust Madeleine? The snow ! This native country will have an immense influence, particularly on his love for the great outdoors and the secret life of wild animals.

Her art takes its source from her memories which she sharpens and amplifies through her numerous explorations, both past and present, to the most remote confines of vast nature. She uses drawing, painting, engraving and photography for her enigmatic compositions, interwoven with humans, animals and motifs, superbly colored.

“I start a work after a long introspection. Generally, I start with a simple sketch. Then I mix images and create an assembly with Photoshop. I choose a format, I mount the canvas on a frame and I begin. The act of painting of course transforms the initial intention... When I reach the final stages, I know in a purely intuitive way when it is finished. Suddenly, I'm going to put down the brushes! And sometimes, I have fun noting that: “Hey, 3 minutes ago, I didn’t know it would be over! … Question of balancing between “neither too much nor too little” AB.

We did not know Anne Brenner who did us the honor of welcoming us into his Parisian workshop and granting our request. Before revealing everything to you, we would like to renew our thanks to him for his trust and his support for the concept. ARTIST.

ARTIST took the time to get lost in this canvas, observed the different elements that intersect. Nothing is stated, everything is suggested. It's up to each of us to guess, to find what we're looking for in this game of concealment.

This painting tells about Italy, the natural park of “ Abruzzo » which gave it its name. The title, the theme, the evocation of the Adriatic coast and the Italian Alps everything excited us! Especially since Anne graced it with fragments dislodged from the Florentine palaces in the hinterland on which we have extrapolated.

By stylistic choice, we moved away from its figurative character and we exploited the mixtures of turquoise, the wide palette of reds predominantly carmine, the traces of pink up to the tones of a deep “aubergine”.

We like to offer explosive clothes, full of energy, for the shorter and sometimes dark days of autumn-winter.

For even more sparkle, we designed pants and a skirt in a dark amethyst color, both intensified by their very beautiful Milano stretch backing. An original jacket in its woolly hair material and its purple mottled appearance completes this new range “ Abruzzo ". A shimmering printed knit poncho or a clever reversible scarf will warmly wrap the other pieces in this flamboyant wardrobe.

The evolution of artistic practiceAnne Brenner leads him to divide himself between the field with wild animals and painting in the studio. His intense relationship, full of proximity and fascination, captivated us. His approach objectifies his environmental awareness and fiercely defends biodiversity which involves human and animal species.

In 2021, the wildlife conservation organization Rewilding Europe welcomes him to Italy, for an artist residency in the “Apennines” mountain range.

For 2 months, with the team of specialists on site, Anne Brenner installed infrared cameras and thus obtained nighttime images of bears, wolves and deer. When the day came, she fixed their captured image on canvas, which she then enriched with details from her vacation spot.

The result was a curiously hybrid painted ensemble that on her return she produced in series which intimately links her vision of painting and the exploration of wildlife. His bestiary in a way.

“… With the wild animals of Abruzzo, I mix tapestry motifs decorating Italian palaces. I associate the wild and the culture which have coexisted for centuries on a common territory. Reality inspires me but I always transpose another idea, another sensation. The making of a painting for me is done by association of ideas” AB.

Anne Brenner succeeds in capturing the mystery. This is what guided our latest collection work up to the “ ABRUZZO ". Your next destination Friday July 8 to Sunday July 17 for delivery at the end of October 2022.

Follow us again on the trail ofAnne Brenner in next Sunday’s article.

Brigitte and François.


Publié par Brigitte Martin, Co-fondratrice d'Artist La marque.

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