AGATHE SALASCA : Profession Mannequin

 A few days before Christmas 2022, she joined the ARTIST team in Marrakech for the shooting of the “Safari” collection, the models of which she will wear perfectly.

 Big green eyes, huge like a lake where it would take almost nothing to dive into! His brown hair frames his eyes, bright like the agate gemstone, a bewitching look when he locks into yours! At the time of the interview she gave us, she was wearing a short bob, a Louise Brooks-style hairstyle that highlighted her appearance.

 It is in a traditional Riad, in the heart of the medina, that she lends herself to the game. Naturally, smiling, willing, she simply settles into the armchair that extends its arms to her. December is mild, as always in Morocco the light envelops everything, the sky and the moods. The exchange is fluid and fun. We are on the balcony of the typically decorated patio, overlooking the orange trees in the courtyard proudly bearing their round and heavy fruits.

 Born in 1992, she voluntarily celebrated her 30th birthday, alone in Iceland; its most significant event to date. A premeditated, carefully chosen road trip. A breathtaking country, an expedition into the great outdoors, an inner journey. A slap like silence can deliver.

 “The day after a party, you might not really remember!” – laughs

 1.71 m – Size 36, the model lives in Paris where she collaborates with the Céline and VIP agencies.

She poses for well-known women's ready-to-wear brands, for the women's press and sometimes appears on the cover of fashion magazines.

The muse of ARTIST, she represents the Art-à-Porter brand on several occasions for the collections: 

  • Fééric” in August 2020 based on a painting by Éric Roux-Fontaine


  • Au Paradis” in July 2021 based on a painting by Carole Bressan

  • Barocco” in June 2022 based on a work by Anne Gérard

  • Safari” in January 2023 based on a photo by Thierry Boitier

Touched by the history of the artistic and clothing concept, admiring the economic model, Agathe Salasca happily says yes to the two founders each time there is a new challenge to take on.

She appreciates their loyalty and the regularity of their cooperation. Their energy is communicative, understanding flows naturally. She adheres to their innovative ideas and the professional ethics of studio BF.

Confidence is essential and with her eyes closed, she contributes with her applied appetite to resolving the difficulties of the shoot. The sometimes complex challenge attracts and amuses him.

In all situations, the caring team remains very pleasant in its relationship with the model. It is with brands like ARTIST that she advances, feels more and more anchored in her career, and that she continues. Because it is possible to find inclusion, equity, diversity.

When she was little, many adults told her that she had the profile to be a top model. But relatively shy, she didn't see herself there at all. A few years pass until studies in economics. She was offered a project, and “why not” she did the casting. No follow-up, but the idea then germinates and shakes up his reservations.

One day, close family acquaintances need a model for a jeweler's photo shoot. Completely a novice, she launched herself and beyond all expectations, the satisfied customer encouraged her in this path.

As she started a 2It is master's degree in commerce and marketing, she will work for a major cosmetics brand. It's been going on for 10 years...

The temporary interruption of Covid allowed him to undertake a career change as an interior designer at the same time. She knows today that this real second passion will be her next job. She is preparing for it while carrying out 100% of the modeling practice that she has acquired a taste for. Since 2020, Agathe has explored all sides, exposing herself and getting involved from all angles. Above all, don't regret anything afterwards.

It’s quite unusual to have arrived there”, she is still surprised.

 Her presence, her approach, her own style... Everything about her seduces and it matches all the ARTISTcollections that she enhances.

Being an ambassador, whatever the universe, the product, you don't just show yourself.

This world requires great resistance to stress, patience and perseverance. It is better to be dynamic, with a spirit of initiative.

She has all the qualities of the job. She meets the requirements without fail, endowed with a good dose of humanity, calm, and empathy.

What is the relationship between body and mind?

Thin by nature, Agathe does not feel pressure about her weight. On the other hand, the pressure does exist on the image as a whole. Complying with specifications is second nature, an imperative, an obsession.

A special diet?Not at all… Until then” she admits to us, relieved.

Despite this, everything brings her back to her plasticity and her work. Without demonizing, responding to constraints requires constant, daily efforts.

The secrets to a perfect physique and interpersonal skills?

An impeccable lifestyle guarantees ideal body mass, impeccable skin, hair, nails and teeth.

A typical day?

Without a photo session, Agathe manages a micro business: telephone, appointments, planning, quotes, castings, fittings...

 Intimate shooting days waking up very early! Hair, makeup, adjustments vary from 45 minutes to

2 hours. Brief on the day's progress and travel(s) to the location(s) when it takes place outside the studio.

The awesome side?

Meetings, crazy and unusual places, sharing emotions, traveling, adrenaline, autonomy, independence, culture…

What encouragement?

The model also participates in the results, makes her contribution to the success of a promotional campaign. So, go for it if you like to get involved in projects, understand the issues and interests of everyone. Have a “corporate” spirit.

What advice?

Be very aware of the subjectivity of the physical and beauty. Know who you are. Understand that it is a job above all, nothing more. Gain strength and inner confidence. Set limits. Take a step back, know how to protect yourself.

ARTIST knows the behind the scenes well and strives to prepare for these tiring days down to the smallest detail.


In addition to all her reliability and all her skills, Brigitte and François know that they can count on a personality in their own right. Without adding anything, simply radiant, Agathe is confident, she exudes!

Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.

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  • Annie

    Enfin une marque qui présente le mannequin de ses collections !
    Un article très intéressant sur la personne, son métier.
    Merci pour ce beau portrait de cette belle personne. Elle participe comme toute votre équipe à vos projets et à la reconnaissance de votre marque.
    Artist La marque:
    Merci. Nous vous confirmons effectivement qu’AGATHE tout comme ROMAINE ( se perdre dans le bleu, de glace et de couleurs) ÈVE ( Le port de Cassis, Abruzzes) CAMILLE ( Écoutons nos paysages )avec qui nous collaborons depuis très longtemps sont de très belles personnes avec des personnalités fortes, de l’engagement. Nous recherchons toujours des modèles avec des histoires, de l’implication. En plus du mannequinat, toutes sont comédiennes, danseuses, ou dans la recherche du bien être. Elles font effectivement pleinement partie de la famille ARTIST. Nous imaginons que cela se ressent, c’est ce que l’on perçoit en vous lisant et vos mots nous font réellement grand plaisir. Bien à vous.

    Brigitte et François /ARTIST

    > Le 15 févr. 2023 à 22:07, a écrit : > >

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