For its photo sessions,ARTISTalways looks for places linked to the collection and the work from which it comes. A place that speaks for itself, which releases a form of aesthetic power to reinforce the presentation but also in accordance with all the facets and components of the universe of theArt-à-Porter brand .

When these elements are in place, when all the planets are aligned, the result is generally very beautiful. The image that ultimately results matters just as much as the model shot, the color, the patterns, the general atmosphere. The scene bathed in light reveals the beauty of the model, her gestures, her gaze thanks also to the eye of the photographer who knows how to exaggerate.

The hand of the makeup artist and the style of the hairstyle are also part of the whole, which in itself becomes a new work in its own right. In art, we would call this an installation.

In this context, the ARTIST team, which lives and works in Burgundy, regularly comes into contact with an inspiring cultural address. The building located in the heart of the town of Chalon sur Saône is part of their lives.

The quality of the Espace des Arts programming ( ) encourages you to subscribe, makes you want to see almost everything! From well-known shows to surprising discoveries, the two co-founders systematically draw on communicative ideas. The contagious creation pearls. The good vibes of theater, dance or music germinate and emerge in another form. The vibrations gathered here, the emotions released in this building are then felt in what they manage to do with them. Its cinema, its exhibitions, its puppet arts, its circus, its digital arts boost their imagination. 

Brigitte and François have unforgettable memories and remember fabulous moments among the tirelessly admiring performances of Philippe Decouflé, Akram Khan, Mourad Merzouki, James Thierrée.

It shines through, their clothing range is boosted, endowed with this artistic enrichment in the main lines as well as in the smallest details.

 And this is how, and this is why, the “FRAGMENTS” collection based on the work of Félicie Vignat overflows with energy photographed at theEspace des Arts from Chalon sur Saône.

The management and its team were extremely welcoming and gave free rein to their shots and videos during a full day when the site was closed.

Thanks to their exceptional permission , ARTIST achieved the feat of climbing a flight of steps. In the images from the “ FRAGMENTS ” session, a monumental glass staircase explodes with green transparency, magnified by the technique of photographer Jean-Luc Petit. (

The green velvet costume swings and swings like at the Cannes Film Festival.

Interior and exterior recently redesigned while respecting the original construction, the architecture of the building imposes a modernity of the 70s that is still very current. A concrete block with straight, angular and ribbed columns structures the whole. Walls and floors as a backdrop, purity of decor, the expected sobriety to outline each model in the collection. Huge bay windows let in a profusion of reflections and fragmented beams, shadow and light flooding in pieces. Vertical glass slats make up the guardrails and cut out projected lines. Dream location, miraculous lighting, capture no longer fantasized but actually realized.

 HUGE THANK YOU renewed to the SPACE OF ARTSwhere ARTIST almost feels at home, will continue to come and applaud, invite as many people as possible to go there!

A little history to pay tribute to this formidable place of culture and to all those who bring it to life.


On the initiative of André Malraux, Minister of Cultural Affairs at the time, the City of Chalon-sur-Saône committed to creating a House of Culture. November 21, 1971 inauguration by Mr. Duhamel, Minister of Culture.

The “Espace des Arts” structure was born on September 12, 1984.

 In January 2006, official consecration “Scène nationale”, a strong sign of recognition of the artistic project. Supporting evidence : Wynton Marsalis performs on June 13 and 14, 23 at the Philharmonie de Paris

and the 15th in Chalon sur Saône!

 After two years of work, a modernized Arts Space reopens in September 2018.

In situ, several rooms have a total of 1,180 seats, as well as in the historic center of the city an Italian theater adds 200 seats “Le Piccolo”.

 In January 2020, Nicolas Royer took over as director. He carries and defends with the whole team a project combining quality programming, strong ambition in terms of production and support for creation, all placed under the sign of listening: listening to audiences, artists, territories, local cultural and educational partners, the world of education, but also of his time.

Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.

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