ARTIST: at least 2023 projects!

We are continuing our momentum, it goes without saying… But we prefer to tell you! We know you are not worried but we want to reassure you…

 We already have several paintings for the coming year, including the first three intended for spring and summer.

Some revelations?

We will start with a theme called “SAFARI” based on a magnificent photographic work by Thierry BOITIER. It’s been a long time since ARTISThas released a collection based on a photograph. Let us nevertheless point out that our artist, Thierry BOITIER, is first and foremost a painter and that he mixes techniques with art.

We wanted the tones of the savannah, even the deserts.

We thought of the film “Out of Africa”, of Namibia, of the immense spaces.

Thierry Boitier's piece then emerged as an obvious response to our research and allowed us to realize our desires for an African safari.

As almost always, we allowed ourselves great freedoms. It must be said that this wonderful image also evokes freedom.

 We designed 8 pieces that we are very proud of. We had the color moods in mind, but we had to carry out a number of rigorous technical investigations with our printers to finally obtain the color chart and the renderings that we absolutely wanted.

 In order to show you the meticulousness of the work, we, for example, made more than ten tests before achieving the expected result for the safari jacket. One of the key pieces of the next session. And we succeeded, not without difficulty, but we love it and we hope it will produce the same enthusiasm for you!

We will be very happy to reveal this very first “SAFARI” session open to pre-orders from January 13 to 22, 2023 for delivery in April.

And then what?

We will continue with a summer series in the name of ÉCLOSION based on an engraved print by the artist Tatjana LABOSSIÈRE. A sweet story full of finesse, with delicate and clear colors for an online presentation from February 17 to 26, delivery in May.

 Foretaste of a deckchair?

 In the height of summer, full of books as we like to have a carefully selected pile to guarantee an ideal vacation. It's a painting by Isabelle Hervé - the painter with whom it all began, more than 20 years ago - which inspired our dynamic range synonymous with summer relaxation and why not a party under the stars . Open from March 24 until April 2. The pretty ARTIST boxes? Home at the end of June… Just in time to pack our bags!

 Just a little bit more...

 We will already be in autumn with a work by Félicie VIGNAT, an artist from the Toulouse region. We feel very inspired, the ideas are flowing but we won't tell you more!

 There is no shortage of projects, especially since in recent weeks, new people have come to replace and strengthen our digital team. It’s life, changes are happening, and we want to focus on the positive side of things.

 Let's mention Xavier for the site, Romaric for the social networks, Christopher for the videos. Louise, who has already been working on content for over a year, is taking on even more responsibilities. Viviane continues to write articles for the digital magazine.

Brigitte and François, surrounded by this energetic team, let us pursue our artistic ideas with concentration and enthusiasm. Stay tuned, we are concocting new, even more astonishing scenographies for you. We will surpass ourselves with creativity to create our collections of Art-à-Porter in surprising settings. I promise, we'll get the moon. We will make 2023 irresistible.



Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.


  • Bronner

    un beau et attirant programme en perspective ……de quoi illuminer les sombres journées d’hiver
    je me réjouis de les découvrir ….


    2023 vous rend irrésistibles 👍☺😊😉

  • Anonymous

    Meilleurs voeux à tous:-) Merci pour cet alléchant programme!
    Ca sent la jupe-culotte, cette nouvelle collection Saharienne, non?
    Continuez à innover et à nous surprendre, qu’elles plaisent ou non, vos collections suscitent toujours l’étonnement, et je reçois compliment sur compliment en les portant! J’adoore:-)

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