The painter holds his long hair in a headband recovered from an old fetish shirt. To immerse yourself with force and without restraint, to enter into painting, body and mind easily free and in movement. To paint is to work on your gaze differently, to preserve all its acuity. Thus accompany the amplitude of his gesture with the best tool: his hand. ÉRIC ROUX-FONTAINE, impossible to forget this name! How we would like to get closer, to observe for a long time the one who sifts the world, intrigued as we are by this delicious anecdote. In response to a journalist who insisted on classifying him in a category: “For your job: What do I wear then? ” “ – Equilibrist, put equilibrist.”

About ten years ago, Brigitte and François were looking for a painting in the spirit of Gustave Moreau. In a Parisian exhibition, they were literally captivated by the work ofÉric Roux-Fontaine. The power went on immediately. His subjects, themes and interests were also theirs. Whether on his work, but also on the Gypsies, the Roma, Tony Gatlif (director, actor) or Titi Robin (musician), all the exchanges converged towards the enchantment of shared tastes. “There are encounters that are simple and this one was” remember Brigitte and François in their hearts.

After his studies at the Beaux-Arts, he hit the road and traveled the world. During his journey, his meeting with the Gypsies is decisive. THE reminiscences of his explorations with the Indian communities of Central America or in some territories of India make it inexhaustible the artist’s primary source of inspiration.

François G. feels “invited, taken into his magical world. The chosen work “ Wonderland » is a request to pack up, forget about obligations and dive into your world. In front of his paintings, we feel two opposing movements. Time that takes its time, the slow evolution of nature since the dawn of time. And the pendulum which swings because the hand of man is inscribed in haste, eagerness and impetuosity. In this match, nature always wins. »

For this spring theme " Wonderland ", we are particularly happy with this new rapprochement with Éric Roux-Fontaine

Would the admirer of Gauguin or Whistler have given a nod to David Hockney in this recent series of “swimming pools”? In any case, he recently greeted him at Maison Marin in the Paris region. It is the “Address” of products and services to painters, museums and fine arts professionals. It’s obvious to tell you that we would have liked to have been there!

What a joy to hear Eric reiterate his full confidence in us. The proof is: we took the liberty, for reasons of style, of conjunctions of elements, to make his swimmer disappear. Originally, his painting showed a bather in the water, in the middle of the day. Benevolent, he let himself be surprised, curious about our appropriation and our transformation. Honestly, we don’t regret taking the plunge.

His character now swims underwater. Like, we would pass to the other side of the mirror of water, it is erased to ARTIST. But we feel its presence, the spirit of nature, plant exuberance and human nature.

Return of sunny days. First hours of regained softness. Craving bursts of sunshine. Immerse yourself in contemplation, listen. 

Around the swimming pool, lush plants display themselves full of chlorophyll. The wind whispers like a sigh on the skin. A few insects buzz, birds hidden in the shadows chirp while more daring ones take a dive and drink from the water line. The leaves move in a frou-frou that looks like fabric. A sonata is played, a spring awakens.

There is the summons ofÉric Roux-Fontaine, the moment when the silence of the depths responds to the sounds of life. Underwater, calm, abstraction to find yourself. Apnea to breathe better. Outside, a living spectacle, a garden that dreams of being aquatic, stretches its branches, happy to return to its beautiful season. 

There is a meeting with ARTIST'. The collection " Wonderland » infuses new pre-spring/summer energy. The range of its clothing celebrates balance and serenity. Joy of living in color, and the freshness of renewal. Easy to wear, feminine as you wish, casual without appearing so, chic without admitting it, as cheerful as a finch, hooded to protect or impress... This new look with a sportswear zest prepares you for walks or reunions, from dawn until the end of the day.

The star of the moment is a cotton pique. Summery fabric, soft and fresh, it stands out and at ARTIST, we do everything to distinguish you. 

In the manner ofÉric Roux-Fontaine, the creation takes you from the smallest detail to a harmonious whole, very ARTIST. With him, it’s monumental, each canvas is a mirror of the marvelous. Everything is poetry to express one's immense respect for Nature, to paint hope or to return to a childhood territory. In exactly the same place, the completely fantasized interior landscape, as much rooted in our memory as in a geography.

A HUGE THANK YOU to Éric Roux-Fontaine for giving us this pleasure again. We hope it is contagious to spread to the wonderland ofARTIST, where we would like each of our co-producers to be a dormant “Alice”, a woman to amaze.

The artist exhibits in France and pursues a successful international career in Europe and the USA.

  • Group exhibition at Paris in the month of November 2021

Follow the artist:

  • New report available on YouTube:

and among other documents on “documents artwork eric roux fountain neverlandscape”

  • Book: Neverlandscape from Felli or online.

Authors JPaul Delfino, Salvator Lombardo, Pierre Bongiovani, Pierre Vavasseur

Galerie Felli in Paris -
Alain Daudet Gallery in Toulouse –
The Prince's Eye in Biarritz -

Hugo Gallery in New York -
Waltman Ortega Fine Arts in Miami –
M Fine Arts in Boston –

Eric Roux-Fontaine, French painter born in 1966, lives and works in Versailles.

Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.

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  • Elizabeth S.

    Quelle description de l’artiste et de son œuvre ! Tout comme le portrait précédent de la PAM, on se laisse emporter dans un autre monde.

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