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TheArt-à-Porterbrand thought carefully about its packaging. Obviously, nothing is left to chance! So, how to design a beautiful case for a beautiful product, packaging like gifts, triggering emotions? Yes, but in accordance with the sacrosanct values ​​of the company! This means making an aesthetic and reusable box while taking all possible precautions for the planet.


A French packaging company located in the Jura was selected. It was able to reinvent itself and comply with environmental standards as new technologies brought significant advances. Today, spread across 3 national sites, it relies on 130 employees and produces, among other things, on a press unique in France, without odor.

The development of the ARTIST box was done with the team which formalized specific specifications. Together, they arrived at the most aesthetic and suitable solution at a moderate cost.


ARTIST, committed to transparency, wanted to address this aspect of its activity, explain its concerns and talk about its partners in this area. The CARTONÉO company is therefore the mastery of packaging just a stone's throw from their Burgundian headquarters. The factory buys the raw materials, produces, prints, cuts and guarantees this manufacturing while respecting the environment.

 Eco-packaging at ARTIST

How to limit waste? Well, the prints are made using aqueous inks; only made of cardboard, all this packaging is recyclable. They can be reused for another gift, or for storage. Otherwise, we choose the yellow container or the recycling center. Away with plastic and tape!

CARTONÉO certifications impress, reassure and ultimately convince, if necessary.

The FSC label is a forest management certification system. It certifies that the products are 100% recycled. It also labels wood that is extracted from forests. When we read “FSC label” on an object containing wood, this guarantees that this wood comes from legal forestry, with sustainable management. Also, it is proof that this wood is not linked to deforestation and that its extraction does not harm biodiversity. Finally, the FSC label is the assurance that it does not come from forests of genetically modified trees or that it has not been harvested in violation of the traditional or civil rights of populations.

To be FSC labeled, forests must meet 10 principles, applied internationally:


Responsible forest management / PEFC :


Only products from PEFC certified forests and then from an uninterrupted manufacturing and marketing chain of certified companies can carry the PEFC label. This is therefore the assurance that the forest owner who cultivated the wood, and the forest operator who harvested it, have both implemented PEFC sustainable forest management practices. This is the traceable affirmation that all companies that subsequently processed and marketed this original wood strictly applied PEFC rules.


The ARTIST box comes from responsible sources and through her act of purchasing – a garment in its cardboard packaging – each co-producer participates in the sustainable management of forests. Managing a forest sustainably means taking into account its environmental, societal and economic dimensions.


François G., whose paternal origins are deeply rooted in MORVAN, is concerned about the future of forests in general, and of deciduous trees out of nostalgia, these high forests linked to all his childhood memories. In the family, we campaign for their preservation and we fight against uncontrolled clear-cutting.



Recognized by all players in the graphic industries, the national brand Imprim’Vert is committed to reducing the environmental impacts linked to printing activities.

ARTIST was concerned with the logistical angles: handling, storage, transport, distribution. She took care to secure the shipment by respecting postal shipping standards and transport constraints. This beautiful gift box is therefore itself protected from any temptation and inserted in a neutral, corrugated, recyclable American box.

A single box dedicated to one item only for essential questions of cleanliness and hygiene. Each garment leaving the final quality control is immediately packaged individually.

As environmental deterioration caused by synthetic packaging materials has reached critical levels, many are questioning the use of "traditional" packaging.

Awareness, convictions, for the brand as for the ARTIST consumer, the recyclability, durability and biodegradability of packaging constitute a necessity.

There is no doubt that this imperative prevails in the choices of ARTIST. Its eco-designed packaging is not an option, it conveys its share of eco-responsibility.

Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.

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