ARTIST celebrates the Wrap Dress

Cult dress, resolutely feminine, timeless in essence!


 ARTIST wanted it like that: easy to put on, wrinkle-free, to wear anywhere. It rolls up, knots, envelops like no other.

Contemporary, her wrap dress is a centerpiece of the TROPIC theme, infinitely versatile: impeccable in work, retro during the day, glamor in the evening…

Its V-neckline and attached waist create a stylish trapeze silhouette. Another piece of clothing ARTISTdefender of feminism!

Whether thin or curvy, this model knows how to highlight all body types, adapts to all styles, to all ages.

Its fluid and light viscose satin, incomparable to the touch, ensures a perfect fit, and provides a second skin effect when worn.

The graphic work of the painter Marion Legouy is enhanced by the material, in a spring-like print that gives a healthy glow and exudes incredible charm.

Model fitted at the shoulders and chest, its crossing is placed according to the chest and waist circumference.

A discreetly placed interior button avoids a neckline that is too deep but emphasized like a wrap-over.

Its fitted shape highlights the curves, to be tied with its thin belt, without tightening too much so as not to break the cut. On the right side, this tie, firmly adjusted by a pretty knot, keeps the neckline secure and the skirt in place over time.

 Its ¾ length is halfway between the knee and the ankle.

The very flared cut of its sleeve gives it a lot of comfort and plays with the movement of the fabric. A few gathers at the head add fullness to the sleeve cut at the elbow.

As for shoes, ARTIST opted for bohemian sandals colored in the same aqua-turquoise blue as the plain ones in the collection.

For those who prefer, wedge sandals will allow you to gain height and walk all day. But you can choose sandals with heels for an ultra-sophisticated evening look.

Unbeatable, white or colored sneakers will contrast with the femininity of this centerpiece.

Incredible when you think about it, it was enough to cut it in two and cross its sides to revolutionize the women's wardrobe. To better understand: a look back at the epic tale of an emblematic asset of contemporary fashion.


In the 1930s, it was one of the innovative pieces designed by Italian designer Elsa Schiaparelli.

But the famous “wrap dress” really became popular in 1974, thanks to Diane von Fürstenberg .

The Belgian-born American design icon is known as the creator of the famous wrap dress. Its success is linked to the American context of the 1970s where more and more women were working and looking for comfortable, practical but beautiful clothing.

A veritable tidal wave broke with more than a million copies sold in less than two years.

The wrap dress quickly became a strong symbol of the emancipation of entire generations of women.

ARTIST personifies the work of Marion Legouy and celebrates the wrap dress which has been flirting with the trend for four decades now. It remains to this day an immutable part of women’s wardrobe,

pieces that we put on without thinking about it. Right in the era of time, its charm still acts, all the more so when it is associated with the creativity of Studio BF.

 The wrap dress is adopted without thinking, and the hours fly by! The “TROPIC” session ends this Sunday, December 10 at 8:00 p.m.





Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.

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