ARTIST reveals his 'style'

From the inspiration phase to the sale of these astonishing clothes online, behind each of these surprising collections ARTIST behind a close collaboration between stylist, model maker, product manager, marketing manager, all orchestrated by the artistic direction.

The development of such Art-à-Porter lines is akin to a well-established system which involves the pooling of this multitude of varied and remarkable skills. 

In the specific case ofARTIST, light structure, versatility and complementarity are obvious. The small team relies on the strong character of each member. A small group of strong personalities capable of individual reflection to share, to rework, to tell a story enriched by and by everyone, at the sustained pace of ten sessions per year, always linked to the inspiring work and its partner artist.

At the house of ARTIST styling has risen to the rank of fashion creation.

Visionary, the Women's Ready-to-Wear brand invents new clothing models.

In theory, a phase of a creative process corresponds to a very specific profession. In practice, it is much less compartmentalized. First of all, it is the reality of an SME, then because within the collective ARTISTany person is capable to carry out several tasks or missions, with several strings to his bow.

You are an artist at heart, compulsively creative, inventive through and through, if you had the idea of ​​applying to the artistic studio, know that you would need to have a well-shaped head, good general knowledge, a natural curiosity , an aesthetic sense and “concrete” assets.

This job is not limited to imagining, drawing silhouettes inspired by trends. You have to love this job to go through all the stages of learning, first steps, consolidation. This profession is accessed after years of perseverance, experience and then expertise.

Our lively wardrobe, the intoxicating shopping in town or online, the excitement of fashion weeks, the “red carpet” parade at the Cannes Film Festival, all these dream outfits would almost make us forget the difficulty of the job.

With certain predispositions for drawing, a keen sense of observation, a capacity for “no limit” impregnation, we become the pillar of the collections or even the identity ARTIST, indifferently inspired by fabric libraries or kiwi swallowed in the morning to create the pretty green dress printed with arabesques, future “must have” for the 2022 school year!

Risk taking ? Not even afraid ! Questioning ? Every day or almost! Working urgently: no problem! Commit 300%? Easy !

How is a collection broken down? ARTIST ?

  • We unearth and analyze trends, strong currents, influencer networks, customer expectations, changes in society…
  • We take inspiration from the canvas of the chosen artist
  • We sketch, we sketch bestsellers
  • We source raw materials and accessories
  • We build the collection plan
  • We adjust the range of clothing 
  • We create the color palette, the prints, the shapes
  • Check the schedule
  • We develop the technical files, the specifications
  • We transmit, we collaborate, we communicate, we shoot... Until pre-orders!!

The requirements don’t stop there!

You still need to have your feet on the ground to respect the constraints imposed by budgets, environmental responsibility, production, logistics, etc.… Be hands-on with good knowledge of the market, prices, margins…

Knowing how to do the splits to anticipate desires, provoke desires... Tirelessly, transcribing the atmospheres of the chosen works, enhancing the color moods, proposing unique and inimitable themes.

Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.

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  • Lacombe Elisabeth

    C’est un réel bonheur de vous avoir découvert ! C’est tout à fait ce que je recherchai !!! Merci à tous pour votre travail !! Bravo !! 👏👏🤩

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