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Let's travel together

When they are not in the salon, with their suppliers, in the creative studio, in meetings or chatting about lifeARTIST, obsessed with their desire to do well, to do better, to do even more for you…

Well, they're hitting the road! They're going scouting!

The spotting photo of a place will condition the organization of visual production and the quality of photography of the entire session to present to you.

In terms of shooting photo, the frame makes all the difference. The ideal site guarantees the success of the shots. However, finding the perfect place can be complicated. 

How do they find the right addresses?


If in the cinema, a professional is responsible for this research, the pair ARTIST accomplished its location alone. To be effective, the exploration must be finely defined and understood concisely. The type of spot, its orientation, its brightness are all previously considered information which will be very useful at this stage.

Summer or Winter Collection? Indoor or Outdoor? We are 3 to 4 months before delivery. It is imperative to take the gap into account and also have a fallback solution. We cannot control the weather, the light, the hazards. You have to be prepared for the unexpected.

Or ? What atmosphere? What setting? 

The quality and originality of a filming location will serve as a backdrop for the shots. Brigitte and François spare no effort to find new settings. The desire for elsewhere, for something else or otherwise is obviously a founding pillar of their creativity. Extension, logical continuation of the collection, unearthing places with strong potential, this is one of the multiple facets of artistic direction as they see it.


Do research, make a list, a database, define their objective. They manage all the steps. Depending on the theme, shapes, colors, they will therefore choose to travel along the open roads. On the contrary, walk the streets of an urban area. The only way to achieve this is to visit the planned location and find a tagged wall or a small alley for an atypical session. At this stage, it is the first session of preparatory photos in situ.

The second trip is made with the brand’s official photographer ARTIST : Jean-Luc Petit. Very professional, together they anticipate the plans, the constraints... They simulate the future poses of the models... Jean-Luc brings his informed look, his suggestions. It’s a session rich in mutual contributions.  ARTIST explains his expectations of very framed photos, of horizontal and vertical silhouettes. They are considering the next carousel for the site's home pages which will immediately reveal the general atmosphere, will attract attention, will captivate. Brigitte and François state the desired composition, the structure, the balance towards which they tend. The photographer adapts to give the accuracy of the photo. 

Regardless of the site, it is indeed important to take into account exposure, obstacles, availability... in order to optimize the shooting day, the real one, the one that should not be missed!

Read the article about our photographer: “In the viewfinder of photographer Jean-Luc Petit” .


After these scoutings, everything is carefully prepared and carefully planned. The work boards are ready. All poses are 100% planned. The attitudes, the dressed silhouettes, the accessories, the furniture if necessary, the shoes, the bags, the jewelry or others… the hats. 

Wiring ok, timing on point. There is little room for improvisation. But just in case, we will know how to react. 

No choice, just one date and you have to perform! Everything is now completed and signed: authorizations depending on the location, logistics, contracts. That day, we hire an entire team, obviously including makeup artist and hairdresser, to perfect the silhouettes.

Read the article about our makeup artist: “Unvarnished conversation with Fred Bouffet, professional studio makeup artist” .

In the forest, in a beautiful field, in a green or flowery meadow, at the foot of a tower, around a fountain, under a glass roof, in a contemporary library, everything is done to translate the atmosphere, the universe ARTIST of the moment.

The program will be followed with the best will in the world, but not necessarily respected because there are always surprises. Some good and some not so good. Nevermind, ARTIST enjoys everything. 

It is generally a long, very intense day, a series of sequences without respite which leaves everyone exhausted but in joy and good humor.


No, it’s not over yet! We are tackling the finalization of the production of the visual, the integration of the photos.

On the way back, around 3 to 5000 photos to sort in 48 hours flat! Only 120 are retained. Gradually, the necessary colorimetric retouching is carried out. In one week maximum everything must be completed. This is followed by publication on the site. ARTIST-lamarque for the long-awaited presentation of the co-producers – including you of course! - and the launch of pre-orders.

A garment ARTIST it’s a little gem, the photo serves as a precious box. There is the art of inventing it, and the art of putting it into practice. To create this favorite, a loyal and experienced team gives its all. And it matches!

They still remember a memorable session in the Morvan in the middle of winter, beaten by the wind, the snow, the rain, the cold. The terrible weather should have won, pushed them back, even canceled. But no not at all. The results were magnificent.

In Cinque Terre, a few years ago, no one forgot: an overwhelming heat, a terraced geography. Climb, wind through the winding paths, carry at arm's length, pull the racks, including in the little trains that connect the five wonderful villages clinging to the cliff.

The task becomes more and more demanding, but despite all these pitfalls, the team loves these adventures.

One day someone said to François Gadrey: “…In fact, you are a director…”. 

In fact, as instinctive as he is professional, endowed with an expert eye, the artistic director orchestrates as if on a stage.

Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.

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