ARTIST between art and fashion

One is ephemeral and part of the transient: fashion, the other is immutable and goes beyond styles, eras and trends: art.

The concept ARTIST invites you into the intertwining of art and fashion. The intimate link between art and fashion constitutes the quintessence, the philosophy, the ARTIST spirit, an Art- à-Porter.

Closely linked to the point of marrying each other perfectly, art and fashion share a question of aesthetics, emotion and transmission. ARTIST symbolizes this bond, body and soul one could say. For the bodies she dresses, for the soul she embodies.

ARTIST sis inspired by a contemporary work of art and transposes a painting, photography, sculpture, etc. into a new work of unique women’s ready-to-wear. Every year, 10 rare collections are created, one every 5 to 6 weeks., refland the creativity of the partner artist.


In a pure spirit of conceptual art, the approach of Brigitte and François, co-founders of ARTIST the brand, consists of carrying out collaborative work with a painter often, sometimes a visual artist, any creator who has agreed to give free rein to a second life of his or her original piece. The end result, whether a jacket, coat or blouse, emerges from the addition of these components.tences, from the pooling of their know-how, of the exploration of all their talents.


This process is an artistic act in itself, a fusion between art and fashion, thus offering a singular and creative visual experience.tive.


The aficionados ofARTIST are looking for more than just clothing: artistic expression and an individual statement of style, ostensibly differentiated.


The brand positions itself as an alternative way to appreciate art. It allows its followers to wear it and experience it differently, a way of being every day.


If painting and sculpture are classified among the ancestral arts, fashion is not there, still officially considered as an applied art. Could we then consider it as the future eleventh art?

Art and fashion often share the same values. Presented in different forms, these two means of expression make it possible to support change within our society. Art seduces fashion and vice versa. There are many crossovers between these two disciplines, accomplices at the heart of a beautiful story.

Many painters have highlighted fabrics, drapes, feminine silhouettes enhanced by clothing, delivering a real message about the fashions of an era.

Art and fashion have indeed come closer together over the last two centuries. As the divides between the “noble arts” and the applied arts diminished, many avant-garde artists ventured into textile creation. A close dialogue was established between them and the designers tending to erase the borders. It is no coincidence that the 20th century saw a succession of collaborations.

Already in the 19th century, art, to be modern, had to be in perpetual movement, to advance in short “to the rhythm of fashion”… Perhaps? We can ask ourselves the question.

But if the PAP collections follow one another over the seasons, art stands out for its ability to survive all phenomena, to cross time.

“…The other half of art resides in the eternal and the immutable…” said Baudelaire.

“…A dress is a charming and ephemeral creation, not an eternal work of art…” Gabrielle Chanel later noted.

How then can we qualify the “works” resulting from work carried out jointly by artists and designers? What happens to a piece of clothing when it passes through the hands of a painter or displays a masterpiece of art history? Ultimately, can fashion take on the attributes of art? A reflection of society, doesn’t it stand out as a witness to an era? And if it is still not an art, it would be appropriate to say that it expressly feeds on it.


The haute couture creations express the very essence of the couturier whose way of working is reminiscent of that of an artist. The boundaries are disappearing between art and fashion, between the museum and the street, between the painting and the dress. At the heart of theworkshops, theoperating methods could be similar, so close, almost twins.


In his chosen field – quite an art! ARTIST represents a strong symbol of this inextricable link.


Living in ARTIST mode translates into a certain art of wearing your fashion, of loving art in another way and of claiming it. In the next article, continuation of the story: ARTIST link between art and fashion, ARTIST open to collaborations.

Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.



    Depuis le début de la découverte d’Artist, j’ai trouvé les motifs très originaux. Jamais déçue par les articles reçus et j’attends de nouveau ma commande pour l’automne ! Je suis impatiente

  • Bronner

    article très intéressant rapprochant deux domaines pour une nouvelle création toujours sous le signe de la beauté et de l’harmonie ….continuez ainsi .Je suis une fidèle depuis le début “d’artist”


    Tout à fait d’accord avec Tressalet Elisabeth .
    Merci pour les artistes et concepteurs .
    Cordialement .

  • Tresallet Élisabeth

    Magnifique article auquel j’adhère à 100%. L’association art et mode voulue par les concepteurs est une idée originale, responsable et engagée! Longue vie à Artist-lamarque

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