ARTIST and ANITA PHILLIPS: in concert for “Rhapsody”, holiday collection.

The English plastic artist Anita Phillips took up residence in the southwest of France twenty years ago.

“So nice to meet you, dear Anita” : Artist knows no borders.

There is no coincidence either, they say.

Before meeting the artist, there was the improbable discovery of the work. What lucky star has placed on the road toArtist a mosaic as intriguing as it is baroque? It was while scouting shooting locations in the purple Périgord last spring that, while leaving Villeréal at 30 km/h, François' eyes were drawn to an installation in a window. 

A flash ! And for good reason the object of desire sparkled with a thousand lights. Instinctively, he stopped his car to go back. He’s like that, he doesn’t let little miracles escape! Shop closed but under the musical instrument dressed by Anita Phillips his card.

A few phone calls later, the discussion deepened in a gentle mix of English/French, in his workshop in the heart of the bastides. Brigitte and François explain their textile journey while Anita explains how she has been designing her “multimedia mosaics” for six years.

This is the story of the mysterious violin in the storefront and three months of work to costume it. Like a sculpture of precious stones, a combination of diamonds, a meticulous interweaving of rhinestones, buttons, gri-gri, charms and pendants (flower, seahorse, leaf, heart, moon), bolts and poetic finds saved from scrap.

The session from September 24 to October 3, 2021 :

A desire for style and holidays, a collection full of brilliance, richly interpreted, all in light and detail. Version outfits Artist in celebrationshifted. 

The prints are relatively faithful and close to the violin, however reworked in color. 

And shimmering embroidery, lots of sparkling embroidery, sewn with silver, a mixture of shiny threads and other tones. Remember, last week the magazine talked about Mari Gautier, official embroiderer ofArtist.

For the shooting of these nine star silhouettes, one Italian theater: the Piccolo theater in Chalon-sur-Saône. Artist thanks again the Espace des Arts, National Stage.

“We worked on the entire image of the Rhapsody theme by contextualizing our universe. We played on theatrical expression, a celebration of the party, a decorum” declares the artistic director who has a sense of the party.

See the video shot by Martin Paillard, member of the PAM Society, in charge of digital for Artist.

Delivery in December, you will be in the image of your festivities, in ceremonial clothing. How we need all this revelry! Is your home welcoming all the family, all the friends? A little excitement, a few feasts around a warm and jubilant fiesta, enough to shine in your beautiful clothes.

Gift What are you doing to yourself? Extend this magic on all occasions.

Either way, you will be the most beautiful to go dancing, the most noticed at the smallest cocktail party, the most applauded for your birthday, the most envied in your gala outfit in all circumstances.

And what success, when you tell the artistic approach ofAnita Phillips spotted by chance thanks to the spark of a violin and the curiosity of the founders ofArtist.

The word of the mosaic artist :

“My work is based on the recovery of old materials, broken, discarded objects, and their transformation into exhilarating works of contemporary mosaic. My approach is to intrigue those who watch a piece, to touch them, to move them. To be touched in turn by their smile.


Texture and light are key elements for me in my creation, inseparable from the balance of colors. I add humor and facetiousness. In general, I prefer to work on 3-D objects: mannequins, a violin, a paper clip, shoes, even a toaster! 

I hunt in flea markets, search markets and garage sales in search of old pearls, broken watches, pieces of children's games, nails, shells, mirrors, keys, washers and chains. Everything is stored in my house: egg shells, rings and rings, pen caps and other oddities that no one knows what to do with anymore, except me! These treasures piled up in my Ali Baba's cave constitute an unfathomable palette of materials (tesserae and fragments), an extraordinary color chart, an inexhaustible source of inspiration. 

Creating a mosaic requires a lot of concentration, bordering on meditation. This activity transports me, fills me with the joy of travel. Each piece breathes its own rhythm, its unique light, its particular rendering. Saving an everyday object, reconfiguring it, recycling it brings me joyful strength. I need this fun side and to share it. Giving a second life through assembly, modeling, coating is thrilling. This art of compilation allows great freedom of expression.

The next mosaic by Anita Phillips:

A mix and match on an entire mannequin: covered with bottle caps and other lids, old nails and damaged screws that Anita P. has collected for years with the help of her friends.

Anita Phillips, born in Manchester
Lives and works in Villeréal (47) Lot et Garonne – France.
Instagram: anitajane_mosaics


Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.

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