Artist and his cool Summer materials


The summer season rhymes with heat and sometimes very high temperatures. These days turn into a tough ordeal in finding the right textiles, especially when, like you, you want to combine style and comfort.

 Under the ARTIST sun, there are fluid, light materials that do not retain heat. Phew, saved! The clothing brand preserves your beautiful sunny days, to be lived without moderation, radiant on vacation as well as on dates.

They are called Romance, Éclosion, Safari, Let's listen to our landscapes... Your summer 23 collections have been designed with pretty, completely adapted lines. Wherever you are between April and October, the main thing is to stay comfortable, even in a torrid zone, perhaps still at work, or already relaxing.

The key summer materials AT ARTIST?

First question: mesh? or woven?

 jerseyis a perfect regulator! A very beautiful soft material thanks to its knitting mixed with elastane, often chosen for your tops! It doesn't crease either, this jersey is more than perfect! poplin, a weave characterized by a fine thread, allows air to easily slip through this fabric.

Fortunately, there are indeed comfortable, fresh or sometimes breathable solutions for making ARTIST creations, and you give yourself an additional reason to love them.

 In addition to the desire to offer you knitted tops of all lengths, blouses or tunics as well as dresses in stretch fabrics whenever technically possible, ARTIST solves the complicated equations of materials and weaves, weight and touch, fluidity and look. Is it essential to get the cut of pants or jackets right? It's obvious ! The Studio BF remains just as strict to check and even dissect the compositions of your summer wardrobe.

Second big concern: The compositions obviously!

Natural fibers such as cotton and its derivatives, or even silk are the most recommended by ARTIST as soon as the thermometer is around 25°C. They are perfect for staying impeccable in your skirt throughout the heatwave. Viscose, cupro, sometimes used in 100%, often in judiciously balanced mixtures, are highly recommended at ARTIST.

Without forgetting this little gem that we never part with once we have tasted it: SUPERLYCRA! Cotton-polyamide-lycra, this magical fabric has enjoyed great success since its creation.

  • Cotton :

Breathable, it can withstand tropical attacks as an ideal friend.

Soft, its major advantage is that it lets the skin breathe. It has the capacity to absorb up to 20% humidity. This does not make it a cooling protector but it provides a feeling of freshness when sweat evaporates and it regulates body temperature. No more heatstroke!


  • Viscose :

 Considered hypoallergenic, it is suitable for sensitive skin. A good compromise thanks to its moisture absorption and thermal regulation properties, it quickly wicks away moisture, distinguishing it from synthetic fabrics such as polyester and nylon, which tend to retain moisture. 

  • Silk :

Its name announces the program... Like a Mediterranean breeze, theARTISTprinted silk square caresses the skin gently! Its transparency alone is not enough to protect you from UV rays, stay careful. But chivalrous, it will veil your fragile shoulders if the air conditioning suddenly freezes you. His favorite moment stretches into the setting sun, with him you won't miss any of the summer solstice finales!

Star colors

 In the sun, white combines with your total screen. Unlike dark ones, light colors absorb little or no heat. With the works of Isabelle Hervé, Tatjana Labossière, Thierry Boitier, Véronique Lafont, ARTIST - which could be translated as color - let all the palettes explode of these artists for an unrivaled duration of sunshine, a special colorimetry to amplify your influence.


 Unnatural fibers don't have to scare you. Some synthetics can be fantastic, absorbent and easy to dry during the hot weather. They are also resistant to UV rays and can be slipped into your suitcase without creasing.

Wear looser clothing. The trendy oversizes offer more comfort when the cicadas sing. Choose our shorts, our straight or flared dresses and put on our printed cotton tops and t-shirts.


Dress up your summer, move, go out, relax, ... in ARTIST!


Psstt! During the Team's annual vacation ARTIST from 1st to August 20, the magazine remains active and puts together some articles for you to read on a deckchair.

Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.


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    Merci pour ces petites bulles d’informations très seyantes :)
    Bel été encore !

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    J’aime bien votres articles, mais j’ai commander une chose il ya quelques mois et rien est arriver…..
    Artist La marque:
    Bonjour ,Alicia qui suit les expéditions est en congés .Elle sera de retour le 21 .Nous lui transférons votre message et elle vous contacte à son retour .Bel été à vous Brigitte et François Le 6 août 2023 à 11:34, a écrit :

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