ARTIST shapes your look

It was the end of August. You have actively, very concretely contributed to the pre-orders from the collection " Originally » inspired by the artist Catherine Cazau

You fell in love, you had fun! ARTIST And pleasure go so well together.

A little more click and you have the birthday gift for your best friend, original and unique, made for her!

The day after the end of the session, everything was done to deliver to you at the end of November. Cécile, responsible for production monitoring, has already started everything. There fabrication raw materials is already on the way!

VIP, you are, VIP, you will be served like queens! Believe it, you're going to be amazed! You will enjoy ! You'll love your little new dress; as for your next sweater, it will make your sister swoon; your mother will want the same one, and your daughter will steal it from you, that’s for sure!

The key word, already mentioned in the articles on “ Botany » and on « At the Origin »: the JACQUARD.

To see or review all the information already released, here are our links to a great retrospective by Brigitte & François on the subject:


Live presentation

'At the origin:'

Live presentation:

ARTIST would not be ARTIST without this particular care, this professional eye. to choose your suppliers, their know-how, their fabrics, to arrive at tip-top collections!

Late November, you will discover, among other materials, a woven fabric called warp and weft.

Your dress, your sweater in jacquard, you will tell us some news!

The exclusive design was designed between the studio ARTIST and the company DOUBLE, based near Lyon. Beautiful hand, good hold, its structure opposes matte and gloss. It exteriorizes its relief thanks to a chenille thread.

The « jacquard » woven is a fabric called shaped and made on a jacquard mechanical loom, named after its inventor Joseph Marie Jacquard. Developed in 1801 (19th century) to make it possible to weave fabrics of varied colors with complex patterns more quickly or easily.

Hand mechanics have long been used by Canuts has Lyon. Later in 1860, when the ordinary hand loom transformed into a mechanical loom, it was exactly the same for the Jacquard loom.

Today, card perforation has disappeared. It is controlled directly by computer using textile design and assisted manufacturing software. Obvious time and financial savings, the incessant evolution makes it possible to easily modify not only the design but also the choice of armor.

The story of the French partner that we would like to salute this time - and thank again - begins with Jean and Marcel DOUBLE who created their company in 1937 Dutel Brothers specialized at the time in custom weaving of tie fabric. 

Very quickly, the family business will produce its own collections of jacquard.

In 1992, is added Dutel Création department where stylists and artistic directors develop 2 collections per year for the ready-to-wear feminine. 

Dutel s.a.s become one of the European leaders on the market shines the Jacquard weaving with 2,000 new designs each year from its headquarters in Rillieux-la-Pape (Rhône). From its production site near Panissières (Loire), the famous jacquards are delivered almost everywhere in France and exported to 70 countries around the world. All these creations are exhibited at various French, German, Italian, English, Spanish, Northern European and even Japanese trade shows!

At ARTIST, we haven't finished drawing and create your exclusives in these latest factories that we love. Their teams also know how to build close ties with us… even with you.

Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.

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