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Among the values ​​ardently defended by the Art-à-Porter brand, LOYALTY is ranked in the top 5. A word often undermined while its adjective “faithful” evokes what is trustworthy.

A great program, all the same!

 Brigitte and François possess this quality and time attests to it: 25 years of complicity!

First argument: they do not deviate from the initial idea and perceptively respect their concept, the artists, the works. By extension, by loyalty, they live and work attached to this virtuous principle and naturally apply it to their suppliers, their manufacturers, and all their partners combined.


Constant in their commitments, the co-founders want above all to keep their promises and provide concrete proof of this to all the women they dress. It is to them that they dedicate their inspiration, all those who give meaning to their artistic enterprise.

So what are they doing to make them “faithfully unreasonable and unreasonably faithful”?

 On a daily basis, they work lucidly and with humility on the merits of their adventure and its objective pursuit. If possible, do not disappoint. Perpetual questioning, listening, understanding are the key words. Clearly, they are riveted on their clients. Identifying them, dialoguing, strengthening ties, this rapprochement is vital to surprise them, to provide them with personalized, quality clothing.


Dynamic and interactive, they fight to optimize their satisfaction, respond to their opinions and comments on social networks or live on the phone.

To improve, they collect without ego and then dissect positive and negative feedback, advice, criticism or expectations. 

All their energy is mobilized at the center of this emulation to arouse the emotion of their loyal fans, increase their affection for ARTIST.

 They strive to cultivate differentiation, maintain desire, provoke crushes.

For ARTIST, loyalty is a value for action and the future.

Loyalty makes people act, buy, vote, demonstrate... Citizens do not vote for yesterday but for tomorrow. The ARTIST co-producers do not buy to “museumize” the models but to wear them tomorrow, the day after tomorrow… Although! There would be cupboards full of collectors!

The desire to maintain integrity encourages each person to engage in demanding and rigorous research. Only the person decides to remain faithful, to maintain their personal consistency, to freely motivate their purchasing actions.


This unobservable inner attitude is formed through experience in connection with an environment, a whole that is ready for renewal. It suits us, we find what we’re looking for, we nourish our pleasure, we come back to it.


Because yes, reciprocally, the immensely gratifying result comes from all these orders once, twice, three times... So many guarantees thatARTISTgenerates its own potential of loyalty.


These effective choices developed, and therefore repeated, throughout the collections for ARTISThelp the brand, drive it and pull it upwards. Virtuous circle which forces the permanent updating of history.
Management must therefore constantly improve the scripting.

How to give back? How can we honor this support, this loyalty of brilliant and won over customers?

Respond to their trust with the assurance of a rare but very real service at ARTIST. Provide them with unforgettable experiences, maintain an individual and complicit relationship, show them signs of recognition, express respectful consideration.

The ARTIST customer loves showing off her belonging to her community. As a true ambassador, she talks about it, recommends it. What a privilege these priceless ramifications are which reinforce the identity and notoriety of the ready-to-wear concept.


Boomerang effect, the strengthening of the image also impacts the internal social atmosphere. In truth, the entire team of partners:

  • pattern makers, seamstresses, technicians,
  • administrative manager, purchasing, production, logistics,
  • digital, the photographer,
  • the makeup artist, the hairdresser, the models

imbues itself with this invaluable positive value and in turn boosts the performance of the brand to which everyone shows strong loyalty.

Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.

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  • Véronique

    Bravo pour cette belle plume mettant en avant cette fidélité qui n’a vraiment rien d’ennuyeux ! Quelle richesse ! Merci encore pour ces rendez-vous à la découverte d’artistes et de créations qui nous mettent en joie.
    Artist La marque:
    Merci à vous et nous sommes aux anges en vous lisant. Merci pour ce commentaire. Bien à vous Brigitte et François

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