ARTIST would play on VELVET?

Today, ARTIST talks to you about an iconic material, about its comeback: velvet.

Watch for the imminent release of the future “Fragments” session, a creative collaboration between Félicie Vignat, guest artist and the Art-à-Porter brand. >.

Yes, velvet sweeps over an androgynous suit, a masculine look with a very feminine cut for your next shopping basket. The artistic direction gives it back its letters of nobility. Through a toning and dynamic silhouette, he will hit the screen from June 9 to 18, 2023.

For several seasons now, velvet has been able to regain esteem. A short glossary of the fabric that makes our days and nights shine. Deciphering a trend that continues to seduce.

Particularly appreciated for its capacity to absorb light, this material can be more or less dark depending on the direction of the threads. This incidence of light generates a double-tone appearance, all the more reinforced by the play of fine ribbing in the case of this sublime item.

The palette of the painting/collage work by Félicie Vignat mixes green, orange and black on a white background. The “Fragments” collection offers a set of exclusive modern and couture prints, highlighted by plains sometimes black and sometimes green which reflect all their vibrations.

We could almost speak of 2 in 1 to summarize the ambition of the major piece of this mid-season wardrobe:

  • The model: jacket and pants, together or separately on the one hand;
  • The noble material and the color in shades of green on the other hand. A daring color chart between olive, meadow or chartreuse, as we prefer, distills the energy to face the new season. ARTIST displays an explosive green of unique depth with delicate reflections.

Composition of cotton elastane, matte color, this beautiful original tuxedo, with an impeccable hang, ensures good enveloping elasticity and provides comfort coupled with softness and warmth.


Solid weavingis logically suited to making a jacket and pants set. Velvety in appearance, it's very classy even when worn casual.


Velvet, in 2 words:

It is not a material strictly speaking, it is rather a method of manufacturing fabric. From the Latin "vilosus" (hairy), it is a fabric level on one side and covered on the other with erect, very tight hairs, held in place by the threads allowing good hold of the fabric.


Born in the Kashmir region under the sweet name "swan's down", it was then developed in Persia where the Italians discovered it and quickly imported the technique to Genoa, Florence, Milan and even Venice in the 14th century. Since then, he has experienced everything, global success, mockery and abandonment, but he remains timeless and interferes in our lives... with velvet steps.

It is also necessary to distinguish between cut or warp velvets used in furniture and weft velvets used in clothing.

In this last family, we find in particular corduroy. The latter is characterized by hair furrows obtained by fixing the hair thread always to the same warp threads.

Depending on the number of stripes (or ribs), we distinguish in particular: milleraie velvet, the velvet 500, the corduroy.

This texture that everyone knows has finally resisted all fashion trends. And, yes, velvet continues to hold its place as a timeless material. He is making a well-deserved return to grace.

At ARTIST, ribbed is always popular.


All eyes will soon be on you, no one will be able to do anything other than give you “velvet eyes”.



Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.


  • Musson

    J’ai hâte de découvrir vos velours , qui sont si confortables a porter , que j’ai connus , c’est bien de les remettrent a jours !!
    Artist La marque:
    Merci à vous . Nous aimons beaucoup les velours et celui-ci particulièrement qui est avec de l’élasthanne et qui est donc stretch. Nous vous souhaitons une bonne découverte de la collection .Bien à vous Brigitte et François Le 6 juin 2023 à 20:04, a écrit :

  • Vignat

    Hâte de voir vos créations. 🧡💚🖤

  • Nathalie BECKER

    Je suis une inconditionnelle amoureuse du velours en prêt-à-porter comme en déco…
    Une adepte du smoking…
    Et l’oeuvre de Félicie Vignat me parle déjà !
    L’originalité ? aucun doute…
    Je finalise par la qualité incontournable du façonnage et savoir faire et être d’ “Artist La marque”

    Allez !
    En piste les artistes !!

    A très vite
    Artist La marque:
    Oh mais qu’il est bon de recevoir pareil encouragement!! Merci 🙏 Brigitte et François Le 30 mai 2023 à 19:55, a écrit :

  • Mariannik MADEC BERNARD

    Article enrichissant sur l’origine du velours. J’ai appris à le re-découvrir dans vos précédentes collections, la qualité et le confort sont au rendez-vous.
    Artist La marque:
    Merci à vous pour votre commentaire et merci pour les compliments . Bien à vous. Artist Le 30 mai 2023 à 16:31, a écrit :

  • Bogoratz

    Le velours magnifique bonne idée ! Si vous pouviez aussi parfois faire des decoltes pour les robes et chemises qui mettent en valeur la poitrine serait bien !!! Dommage avec vos si belles matières de la cacher 😉

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