ARTIST launches its “PERMANENT” range Friday March 15

ARTIST launches its “PERMANENT” range

ARTIST shakes up its codes and launches a range of pants that are permanently accessible.

Following the success of the inimitable historical material "SuperLycra", ARTIST decided to innovate and adapt to the recurring demand for plains that can be coordinated with all rooms, and hyper comfort.

What exactly is changing?

A novelty " PRODUCT » :

A high-performance material launched in preview in October 2023 in the “A thousand and one colors collection. The logical continuation of SuperLycra then arrived with white pants SUPERSTRETCH which took up the challenge of non-transparency. Thanks to a new, slightly denser weave, light colors – and even white – can be worn without the slightest risk of error!


Hats off extended in the following theme “Tropic ” which focused on the turquoise version.

The original fabric has evolved towards a new compromise between finesse, extensibility, comfort and opacity.

A second skin, the SUPERSTRETCH lends itself to the impeccable fit of pants that do not bag.

Made by a renowned Italian weaver, this prodigious textile consists of:

67% cotton for feel, 29% polyamide for strength and 4% Lycra for comfort.

A new 'SERVICE':

 Launching next March 15: parts available IMMEDIATELY and while stocks last.

During and outside the online sessions, 2 models of pants will be on sale all year round. A big plus beyond the 10 fancy collections which surprise as the themes are renewed.

ARTIST heard the insistent demand of its clients in their unfulfilled search for beautiful plains. Against all expectations, contrary to its original concept of production on pre-orders, the brand has just set up a strengthened partnership with its suppliers to fill the gap.

In less than a week, a range of SUPERSTRETCH will be available non-stop with 2 forms: long 7/8 cute and cropped pants.

4 colors for spring, summer, fall: WHITE, TURQUOISE, INDIGO, GRAPHITE.

There will now be a mini-stock, relaunched if sold out, and renewed over time to boost an exclusive colorama.

Perfectly aligned with all past or future collections, the idea is to have fun making beautiful combinations.

A new winter:

Tested last winter, the SUEDEpants (cotton, viscose, elastane) will be back. Fluid and peach skin, its range is currently being developed.






Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.


  • Marie paule

    C’est extra. Bravo.

  • Martine

    Excellente nouvelle Merci

  • Brigitte

    Ca c’est une très bonne idée.
    Cette matière est sensationelle.
    Et on a toujours besoin de beaux unis que l’on peut coordonner.
    Merci pour cette initiative.

  • Cath

    Très bonne nouvelle ces permanents! Est-ce qu’il y aura au fil des collections d’autres couleurs temporaires?

  • Régine

    Bravo excellente idée

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