ARTIST: We love each other so much!


Who among us all doesn’t know about this strange phenomenon? This unique relationship that attaches us to these inimitable purple knit pants straight out of the “Abruzzes” collection and which we wouldn’t exchange for anything in the world! As many of us as we are, we keep, we collect, we can't bring ourselves to get rid of them, at best to give them away, at worst to throw them away. Is it serious, doctor, this bewitching call from the wardrobe?


We think about it, we make resolutions, but how can we resist the “Romance” of a beautiful summer? Its fine vertical stripes and its satin weave intensify its sunny colors. This vintage-style dress catches our eye every morning. Capable(s) of putting it back tirelessly because we love its ideal cuts above all else. To life, to death !


Objectively, the silhouette we love? Skirt and blouse to “Lose in the blue”. We love it to the point of losing our minds, without missing an opportunity to accessorize it.


Plain version one day, multi-colored printed side the next time, we play with winter in our little

Of ice and colors” down jacket that you never take off!


Modeled on our shapes, it's impossible to do without our capri pants or pants in “Superlycra”, an irresistible material!


`Why so much attachment?

Of course that you can choose to simply love your clothes! Yes, it happens that you have a strong emotional relationship with… a fabric! A story of natural vibration, a kind of harmony that is inexplicable but can be explained!

So, our experience with a particular garment - and at ARTIST, they all are! - what we know about him, what we feel, touch, all this builds a bond. It almost has a soul in its role as a transitional object.You just need to understand that it accompanies us in our pleasure of living. And if putting on an exceptional outfit allows us to increase this pure happiness tenfold, why deprive ourselves of it?

Moment of truth

The way we dress speaks about us, our history, our conscious or unconscious desires. If it does not define us, it shelters our feelings, gives a clue to our personality or the image we project. At the border of the intimate and the social world, our belongings sometimes hold the power of refuge, a protective and enveloping second skin. So many affects that rub off on our favorite clothes.

The need for cotton may reveal a sensitivity to other fibers, a predilection or addiction for soft fabrics.

Choosing a linen composition probably means having ecological beliefs. Be convinced that with this trace in our heritage, we will leave a message. Illusion? Excuse ? Regardless, it seems essential to travel together, to add to the heritage of our existence a much-loved wardrobe, imbued with our perfume.

All these behaviors of attention to oneself reflect a desire for “no limits” well-being to the point of personifying an outfit. In complete complicity, we know that we can count on her, that she will be with us all day long.

And for all these benefits, how we love our “Fragments” suit jacket! Adjusted like no other to our body shape, it reminds us of the corduroy of our youth in a green so modern that it embraces all ages.

We crack

Concordance with the ethical values ​​of a favorite: price, manufacturing, social and environmental impact, this perfect agreement will trigger the act of purchasing. It fits our style, our self.

Companionfetish, he makes the hours spent together so enjoyable! Irrefutable proof in the photo that will immortalize our smile.

Feeling of dependence? Flagrant offense of great pleasure? What can we do to bring this love of our inseparable cherished outfits to light?

The passage of time does nothing. The long-term quality, the resistance of the seams, the consistency of the colors, we build a pantheon of our favorites and we only wear these!


ARTIST and us: what binds us

The ARTIST wardrobe carries a story within itself, renewed from collection to session. Buying it becomes a way of appropriating an artistic image, of entering the world of an artist.

It becomes the support for a back and forth between art and Art-à-Porter, of a true romantic relationship.

These almost relics remind us of our life as a woman, of trying on in front of the mirror, of audacity and liberation. We look at them with emotion, joy or nostalgia. Witnesses of strong moments, experienced in confidence, to finally make peace with our bodies, respect each other, love each other.

ARTIST is not only a form of art but also a social marker which allows us to proclaim our singularity, our distinction, or our belonging to this community... of incorrigible collectors!

Collecting our clothes in general, but those specially signed ARTISTproclaims a free declaration of love for our brand, this heroine, our body, this hero!


Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.


  • Sophie

    Savez-vous a quelle moment vous allez mettre en vente le “stock” des invendus de vos diverses collections ?
    Artist La marque:
    Merci pour votre demande . Ce sera à la mi-avril. Bien à vous. Brigitte et François

    Le lun. 20 nov. 2023 à 22:37, <> a écrit :


  • dagmar

    Bonjour. Est-ce que votre publication signifie que par exemple la jupe bleu est encore disponible en 42?
    Artist La marque:
    Bonjour ,Pas nécessairement mais si vous êtes intéressée , merci de nous faire une demande avec votre taille par mail .Bien à vous. Brigitte et François Le 20 nov. 2023 à 14:16, a écrit :

  • sab

    pour moi l’ AMOUR se rattache à une personne ,
    pas d’ AMOUR pour un vêtement .
    pas de sentiment pour un vêtement .
    je trouve ce texte sans intérêt ,on a l’impression que vous parlez à tes idiotes
    voilà mon opinion je sais que vous ne le publierez pas ce qui n’ a aucune importance .
    j’ aime vos impressions de tissu les matières beaucoup moins .
    je vous suis depuis des années ….aventures des toiles….
    bonne suite
    Artist La marque:
    Bonjour ,En aucun cas nous vous prenons pour des idiotes. Ce n’est pas du tout dans notre façon de voir les choses . Nous exprimons librement ce que nous ressentons. Bien sûr l’humanité est la chose la plus importante, mais il ne empêche que l’on peut avoir également l’amour de notre métier et des tissus. C’est notre cas .Bien à vous Brigitte et François Le 20 nov. 2023 à 12:07, a écrit :

  • Chantal

    C’est tout à fait vrai. Perso je porte encore des tops d’Aventures des Toiles que j’ai depuis au moins 15 ans!!
    Mais quel regret d’avoir loupé la doudoune que vous présentez en photo :( :(
    Merci en tout cas pour ces belles collections.
    Artist La marque:
    Merci à vous pour votre commentaire et votre fidélité .Vous pouvez faire une demande par mail à Alicia qui gère les disponibilités avec la référence et la taille .Bien à vous .Brigitte et François Le 20 nov. 2023 à 09:55, a écrit :


    C’est vrai que je ne compte plus les fois où je reçois des compliments pour des modèles récents ou bien moins récents .
    bravo à tous
    Artist La marque:
    Merci à vous .Brigitte et François Le 20 nov. 2023 à 09:46, a écrit :

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