ARTIST receives Estelle BOULLIER

The Plastic Arts have always occupied a large place in the life of this designer - visual artist from the Lyon region. 

 About 15 years ago, it was a providential meeting with another visual artist that truly liberated her. Indeed, Estelle Boullier something clicked and the autodidact with great potential finally allowed herself to become an artist, certainly, fully. 

 At the end of this decisive artistic support, both formative and revealing, Estelle Boullier completely threw herself into her practice and developed her world. 

 So much so that it has become vital. Every day, she pushes open the door to her workshop and sits down at her table. 

 ARTIST entered into the intimacy of its creation to present the new collection to you « ARTIC » soon to be online September 22nd to October 1st included. 

 A wardrobe made up of all the pieces to wear in a sporty chic style purely ARTIST from this end of the year. A casual and subtly feminine line with graphic prints, coordinated plain reversibles in a range of reliable colors: BLUE / WHITE / BLACK. 

 At the heart of the approach toEstelle Boullier : a story of recomposition and papers. 

There are always papers - white, blank at first, and ideas for landscapes.  

 Build to deconstruct to rebuild.

This process results in the birth of a personal map nourished by his walks in the forest, by the sea, in the fields... and his own history.

 Estelle B. mainly creates collages of drawn papers to interpret the vibrations of the world. Her drawing remains essential to illustrate the movement she wants to translate. Implicitly, it suggests displacement by an effect of material, a thickness or an oscillation.


The artist composes with mixed techniques: acrylic and Posca pencil, inks.

From numerous papers or strips of paper, she tears or cuts before painting. She thus creates her ranges of colors. Then she comes to draw on these supports which she organizes according to his intuition or his intention. She combines them, superimposes them, moves them again before gluing them. These moving shapes come to life, becoming pebbles, clouds, traveling islands… 

 The cutting stage brings clear and strong breaks, the drawing is interrupted, as if stopped in its tracks. The tear represents more fragility on these small pieces as vulnerable at once.

The assembly gives balance to the whole, calms and harmonizes everything.

 Its energy thus contained and then exhaled allows us to approach a new, suspended, floating world.

A whole breath, a whole silence or something else entirely.

Immerse yourself in your observations, tapping into her feelings about nature, about what is, leads her on an inner journey. His art allows a deciphering of his sensations. 

 Whoever observes attentively goes through a reverie between heaven and earth thanks to the undulation of the pencil lines. The tangle of shapes carries like the wind through the leaves or through the wild grasses on the dune. We capture the invisible in a light quiver. From one side to the other, an emotion is felt. 

Drawing is trying...

All the time spent in the workshop is a time of withdrawal, a break between two shores to go elsewhere. 

Creation, in the present moment, extracts from the noisy agitation outside. 

Estelle Boullier participates in Expos and trade shows. 

She presents her latest work “ Scalable installation, houses and tall grass »

at the Biennale St Laurent 2023, on September 16 and 17 at the Dauphinois museum in Grenoble,

as part of the European Heritage Days, on the collective theme “mountain objective”.

 Follow Estelle Boullier, visual artist based in the Lyon region:



Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.

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