The article: a session “IN PARADIS” by Carole Bressan


It is with great pleasure that we find Carole Bressan. Brigitte and François had already had the privilege of a very successful first cooperation at the time of completely different pictorial work. 

French painter, Carole Bressan has several lives and does not want to make a choice, she wants everything. She also works at the Bibliothèque nationale de France in Paris, her second cult universe. Let us mention in passing his book “Petite” published by La Part Commune in 2017. Punctuated with black and white photographs of the author, this novel tells the experience of self-disenchantment, the journey towards rediscovered inner peace and finally the joy of humbly belonging to the whole world.

2017 therefore, a year that counted double! A pivotal year in which his “Poetics of Landscape” were born, a great breath of fresh air in his life as a painter.

Nature with a capital “N” nourishes it, awakens it, inspires it with its omnipotence. In return, the artist celebrates her and expresses thanks through his brush for the fascination exercised. Extraordinary landscapes, emotional territories, mirrors of sensibilities, they are all compliments addressed to the original version.

" Meet a landscape is about making memories and affects resonate within oneselfMy painting is oriented towards an evocation of the sacred character of nature…”. And it’s sublimely intense!

Why did Artist fall in love with this poetic landscape by Carole Bressan? 

Because at the same moment, we feel spontaneously in nature, and in art; between light and dark, figurative and abstract.

Her work uses a very sensory, gestural, very expressive, playful and gourmet language, as Carole Bressan herself expresses. All this know-how will accentuate the character of a panorama.

Zoom on her amazing and ultimate technique of acrylics, watercolors, graphite and collages on canvas or wood. She first covers them with coating. Many transparency and filter effects are obtained thanks to its “colored juices”. Sheer veils or impasto, it’s random. The landscape takes its own freedom. Made flat, the paintings are dependent on multiple stages of drying to the rhythm of these superimposed juices, arranged randomly in areas of stagnation, folds or puddles. Then with a brush or knife, she attacks the rough edges.

The collection " IN PARADISE »

Imagine a water garden crowned with bouquets of flowering bushes, a setting covered with colorful perennial vegetation, the air in the ancient trees, a murmur in the curtain of drooping branches, the undulating scene...

« I learned to examine life, to touch it with all my heart. Nature offers shows where boredom does not exist. » When an artist speaks to us like this, she takes us all by the feelings!

Better yet, it puts us in the front row of its performance! Facing these warm and cold colors, this diffuse and clear light of a tangible reality, facing this site as if frozen and so picturesque... the moment is perfect for a stroll. We cling to this surface of the sky, we stay for a few more minutes “ IN PARADISE ».

The narrative framework is established. The design studio was based on this highly constructed artistic work to translate it into a new collection. “Carole plays light like you play an instrument.” François G. sums up all the finesse of the vibrations. At the heart of this campaign, we feel the oxygen invade us, we hear its striking silence. Without beating around the bush, Artist named this lyrical painting “ IN PARADISE » whose theme will bear the eponymous title throughout the session from July 9 to 18, 2021.

On the other hand, let us point out that the artist no longer wishes to give titles to his works. Only breatheDo not influence. She completely dissociates her love of words from painting. Its colors, compositions and textures have already earned many letters of nobility.

Very spontaneously, the new theme arose from this magical place, from this suspended time. An awakening of the senses among creativesARTIST always in search of fertile energy.

Carole Bressan's production translates the movement and draws the gaze. Nature moves, light and abundant. The clear atmosphere naturally guided us towards the start of the winter season. All it took was picking the colors. If you look closely, you can see areas of shadow, deeper and more autumnal. On the clothes, the gray shade is deployed as a backdrop. She create the atmosphere androgynous, emphasizes the relaxed look and the accuracy of the proportions. This time all the materials are Italian. 

In this shades of couture gray, we oscillate between cumulonimbus, ashen plumage, or slate. We find it on the smart pants with or without straps, on the sleeveless vest and on the dress, cut in a faux-plain tweed-style fabric. The jacket is made from a wool blend with a twill look. The lining completes its style with a beautiful orange, lightning in a stormy sky. The sweater is knitted in a herringbone pattern. All the ornaments enhance this relative sobriety. Each luminous constellation on the canvas is illustrated in its pink, red or teal blue. All the accessories, all the embroidery faithfully translate each burst of purplish paint, sulfur or undergrowth. 

And the clothing range shines as brightly as this vibrant autumn bucolic scene, also printed on our materials: 
  • In silk for the scarf, in velvet for the long-sleeved vest, in viscose knit for the top.


Find designer Carole Bressan on:
University studies in Art History in Tours, Visual Arts in Rennes. Exhibited in France and abroad since 2005. Member of the Taylor Foundation. Represented by galleries Vent des cimes in Grenoble, L’art en tête in Sologne, Bleu liquorice in Auvillar (Tarn et Garonne)
The Édouard VII Conference Center in Paris permanently exhibits the paintings he acquired. 



Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.



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  • Pinchi

    La toile est remarquable, je comprends le plaisir de créer un thème avec celle-ci . J’ai l’impression d’être dans le jardin de Monet à Giverny . J’ai hâte de découvrir le thème

  • Sabine Barbié

    Je comprends votre coup de foudre. En effet, en contemplant cette toile, j’entend le silence suggéré, je sens les odeurs vivifiantes. Sans conteste, ce sera un paradis sur le corps.

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