Let's look on the bright side, social networks still have this primary purpose of providing news about others, of maintaining connections. It is in this way that in 2020 François – still on standby – takes interest in a “separate” series by the painter Frédéric Let him see. Very different from his favorite painting, the recognizable “interior portraits”, these unusual canvases offer an escape. Indeed, the artist moves away through thought and gesture. That spring, we were all stunned by this first confinement, and the artist reacted to this confinement. Need something else, to set sail, to set sail. No less than 40 paintings in 2 months! 

It’s almost compulsive but it can also be explained by the fact that the work is faster, that it is released onto the canvas. Always armed with his aerosol cans, he no longer uses a mask and outlines it in black with acrylic, freehand. He simplifies his technique, makes it less restrictive, more recreational and therefore more productive. He doesn’t just give in to the gluttony of a few chouquettes, his Proust madeleine. A little sweetness in these unimaginable times of health restrictions where everything is at a standstill. We can no longer predict anything, but his irrepressible need to get some fresh air pushes Let him see to invent his period of exterior scenes. In this parenthesis suspended from uncertain tomorrows, he allows himself a limited edition as an aside which he does not wish to make public immediately.

Indeed, as soon as posted, as soon as hidden! Except thatArtist has already spotted this unique work and that the brand will have the privilege of using it. The painter makes an exception to renew a fourth collaboration with the Art-à-Porter team that he knows well having already inspired him in the past.

The Covid will not have only had thorns! He knows that he will return to this realization but later. Preciously put aside, he will show it the day the wind carries him.

Today, he does not yet want to disperse or destabilize his public collector of his stylized “Lofts”, at the crossroads between realism, graffiti and comics, his signature for 9 years. Its strong identity, this finely applied attention to detail, this extreme sense of detail, mixing stencil cutting with a scalpel and aerosol and acrylic paint.

« We know what are our art corresponds and it has been theimmediate boarding for this painting « The Port of Cassis ». Brigitte and François found their warm, frank and precise colors for Summer 2022. Like a stained glass window, we can distinguish particular spots or shapes in their prints, each in its original color. It is the more abstract side that they wanted to treat by highlighting the black broken lines. From a distance, however, we recognize the landscape which represents the port of Cassis.

From the 18th to the 27th February, the session will reflect the perfect balance transcribed by Let him see through pants, two dresses, a short jacket, a cardigan, three tops, and a splendid silk scarf.

Fred Let him see was delighted with this rediscovered human adventure. On January 27, he welcomed the entire team for the shooting session, the photos of which you will discover in a few days from the brand's official photographer. Jean-Luc Petit www.jeanlucpetit.fr

We totally fall for “Twixie” her little dog, her everyday companion whatever the conditions. She strikes a pose, mascot style, alongside the man in overalls, Gavroche cap screwed on his head, his favorite fashion outfit! 

He sees fashion evolving by thinking, among other things, about recycling. But it's not really his territory. He prefers to leave Brigitte and François to their passion, each their own! He still appreciates the avenues they explore from his painting, the outcome, the denouement from the painted piece to the made piece. He found them still as motivated, energetic, focused on their adventure ARTIST, a very artistic format, conducive to their fanciful imagination. He is nonetheless amazed by the trust placed by clients and co-producers.

Complicated, this session exposed the model to the four winds! And this is how the painter often faces the weather conditions in his apprentice, under his courtyard, this place without walls because he handles his aerosol cans and must protect himself from possible respiratory problems. Not easy, the life of an artist! This recent construction is juxtaposed with a tiny room where he can produce the before and after of each of his paintings.

« My studio is so small, I dream of working in the studio lofts that I paint. So with high ceilings, I would not have to worry about being able to accommodate all my large formats May his wish come true!

Child, Let him see already likes to draw. It was then, imbued with his primary passions for photography and architecture, that he entered into a dialogue with the visual arts. In 2003, paint bit him, splashed him and from then on he learned everything about it so that he could no longer do without it. He then threw himself into this art with rage, strength and determination. A personal accomplishment of which he is so happy, not regretting the shock, the revelation that the encounter with the talent of Jean-Michel Basquiat that he admires.

Let him seeIt's awesome!



Born in 1974, lives and works in Châtillon in Hauts de Seine (92) – Studies at the Beaux-Arts in Paris, specializing in drawing.

www.alione. fr - Sur rendez-vous : visite de son atelier. Expose en France et à l’étranger

Galerie Barrou Planquart - Rue de Paris - 95680 Montlignon – France
contact@galeriebarrouplanquart.com – 06 82 03 09 56

Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.


  • Anonymous

    C’est magnifique !

  • Nathalie

    Viviane, relisez-vous. Il y a des passages où on ne comprend rien, où je ne comprends rien, mais je ne dois pas être la seule. ;-)

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