Claire de Chavagnac - Brugnon

On a snowy white background, the star print of the latest collection « OF ICE and COLORS » looks like a Milky Way pinned with color and brightness. Expressive shades, dazzling shades to brighten up the winter ahead.

Studio BF reiterated its collaboration with the artist Claire de Chavagnac - Brugnon through one of his watercolors on paper, methodically, tirelessly and meticulously executed.

A combination of talent and energy, graphics, structure and rhythm. A clothing collection developed like the pictorial composition. Are they not both the result of a boundless imagination and a mastery of the repetition of the gesture?

« Each line, the tiniest decision on the canvas, opens a new field of possibilities »

“I am a painter of signs… simple and vibrant… often reduced to the line or to the series of vertical or horizontal strokes, to superposition, to capture time in an increasingly refined practice…

Since 2007, the passage of time, the memory of experiences... Occupy my research and experiments in the manufacture of my colors and the installation of the sign. Understanding space, inhabiting it, restoring its essence in its emotional quality without overload, are the bases of my practice. The choice of materials, the simplicity of the gesture with the economy of means without possible repentance, are put at the service of expression..."

Claire de Chavagnac – Brugnon.

Excerpt from the art book “The Texture of Time” 1996-2014:

Denis Hirson writes:

“… Claire traveled through China, Japan, India, New York, Brittany and elsewhere… tracing each time differently… with tones of a new atmosphere, the resonance of the places she passed through…

His work is made up of travel notebooks, rectangles of Canson paper, precious sheets like antique fabric, paintings of all sizes...

In 2003, the artist lost 10 years of photographic memory during a move... Since then, she writes down using simple graphic elements what she wants to remember in notebooks that accompany her on all her trips. This is how a work constructed as an “echo” of the passing of time will emerge as evidence…

… Memory without words …

In 2012, the artist undertook a series of works in order to preserve the depth and velvety tones. She develops new materials, obtaining, in a play of subtle superpositions, vibrant and luminous colors, as well as deep blacks...

… What matters, however, is not the origin but the play of colors, the rhythm of the signs, their ricochet on the gaze and hearing of the present. Each imprint is in turn the translation of memory into light, of light into pigment, of pigment into musical writing.”


Excerpt from the book “equidistant from memory and forgetting” 2017-2019:

Texts by Christine Enrègle

“… The lines that she traces through her movements intertwine and weave nets that catch the light of the landscapes she crosses. This changing light depending on the situation causes impressions that Claire transposes onto the canvas in infinite variations of lines and colors.

The luminous value of the color, the brilliance of the color in front of the image touches us from a distance, like a breath that touches us and that we breathe. He invites us to “walk in color”, to follow in Claire’s footsteps…”


Claire de Chavagnac was born in Lannion in 1950. She lives and works in Paris and the Côtes d’Amor. She studied architecture and design (CAT. Camondo in Paris), Fine Arts and the city of Paris courses. After working at the Paris operas (decor workshop), teaching in an applied arts school, she has devoted herself to painting and visual arts since 1996.

Some recent personal exhibitions:


- Lacquer spirit gallery, Saumur
- Circuit des Chapelles, GLAS, Saint Maudez, Lanvellec


  • AMÉLIE Art house, CHEMINEMENT, Paris
  • Espace Vercors, autumn exhibition with Stéphane Deselle, Villars de Lans

Some recent group exhibitions:


  • Abstract Project, Rouge, Vert, Bleu. Paris
  • Galerie Réjane Louin, WHITE in Locquirec.

Participation in International Contemporary Art exhibitions and fairs in France, Belgium and Switzerland.

Artists’ books/bibliography:

2017-2019 Claire de Chavagnac - Brugnon (equidistant from memory and forgetting) Title of the work taken from the poem by Gilles Mentré, p. 34
2017 editions: - Stockholm 2016/Amsterdam 2011, Japan 2013-2014, Andalusia 2016, travel diaries in three booklets
2014 – Claire de Chavagnac - Brugnon « The texture of Time » art book edition.

Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.

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