Unvarnished conversation with Fred Bouffet, professional studio makeup artist

Behind the scenes of ARTIST

Whether discreet or strong, makeup is an essential component to the success of a photo shoot. It echoes the outfit highlighted, and each collection presentation involves the essential presence of a professional.

Faithful partner, Fred Bouffet is this man in the shadows who knows how to highlight the models and through resonance the new clothing themes.


It can't be improvised. Behind every beautiful image in a catalog or every post, what seems easy is a matter of demanding know-how. We could plagiarize that you have to suffer to make yourself beautiful and that appearances are deceptive. Aesthetics involves years of experience, the true face of beauty has a price: grueling days, unsuspected constraints.

Fred considers François and Brigitte a bit like his family since the time they have had incredible sessions. Even more, he declares that they are fundamentally kind, in the noble sense of the word. We feel a form of recognition towards their constancy in the continuity of their working relationship. They work in perfect harmony. They have the same organization: everything is always anticipated. Their models are sent to him beforehand. « I overprepare », the perfectionist can extrapolate beforehand, envision his future “portraits”.

Fortunately, everything is going wonderfully well. But it is also because everyone contributes to overcoming imponderable complications. On deck at dawn, the makeup artist is number 1is contact with the model.

His priority: building confidence, letting go. Because he has an intuition of moods, he begins by pushing away all tension, the enemy of photogenicity.

His lethal weapons? Her briefcase of revealing products and her 80s playlist. Ah! “When the music is good, good, good…!” » Joy of living galore, instantly communicative.

So he scans a face, discovers a skin texture, hydrates, energizes, sculpts... Using a lipstick stick, he draws a cupid's bow just above full lips... With a stroke of the pencil, he highlights the glance. And throughout the day, as trying as it is, he scrutinizes with an obsession for detail. He makes all the makeup adjustments, corrects the onslaught of flashes or the weather.

 « A photoshoot at Artist, it’s also the assurance of eating well! » This time, it’s Fred who makes his doe eyes! The links were already strong but this is the icing on the cake!

Spotlight on this Make Up virtuoso

One-man band with an atypical career, impressive contagious punch, Fred practices without counting, with passion: “I feel alive when I'm doing makeup and I'm happy when I'm working! » It's not just a phrase to make it pretty. He dreamed it and he actually did it!

After studying international business - still beneficial every day - and applied foreign languages ​​- he speaks 3 -, he decided to light not the fire but the brilliance. It's not easy to start from scratch to achieve your ideal. No question of living half-heartedly either. Bright idea of ​​following your inner impulse, of achieving your childhood project.

As a true city dweller, it was in Lyon that he worked hard to acquire a new profession. His job.

Volunteer, he brought down the mountains of the sublime. From a gifted student, he became a master of beauty advice…

Got spotted. Through perseverance and determination, he made his place and reached heights in the art and manner of makeup, of offering moments of splendor.

However, his driving energy has not aged a bit in more than 20 years in the profession. No doubt thanks to the good humor that he cultivates and sows around him. With his daring personality and his entrepreneurial side, he has built a network of references to make you pale, while juggling brushes, sponges and powder puffs...

Admirer of Thierry Mugler, multi-creator in theatrical fashion shows; fan of Linda Evangelista, one of the first supermodels of the 90s, he draws - among others but not only - on these influences to work backstage between stars and celebrities. Although he rubs shoulders with glamour, he keeps a cool head, above all concerned with being more than up to the task of his missions, wherever they take him in France and throughout Europe.

In advertising, fashion, the media and the written press, on TV sets, in the studio or outdoors, this plastics expert remains focused on the objective to be achieved. Extremely rigorous, he combines his artistic sense with the expectations of his customers.

Multi-faceted make-up artist

Because he loves to transmit, he teaches and repeats the gesture to illustrate the essential manual skill; instills sales techniques. His leitmotif? Work and Talent: a lot, Luck: a zest! In French or English, he never stops convincing people of the job's requirements: punctuality, reliability, thoroughness, flexibility, empathy, discretion... He delivers everything to them, because his ambition for his students is that they are good !

As a cosmetology prodigy, his reputation led him to expertise for major brands. He participates in the validation of new products. He accompanies some large groups in the sector on certain public events, is occasionally responsible for their communication, and sometimes becomes their ambassador.

Although freelance, the seasoned expert knows how to be corporate. He knows the virtues of collective work while respecting the role of each person.

Facebook: fredbouffet
@fredbouffet Instagram




Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.

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