The color: key role!

 ARTIST captures the aesthetics and emotions transmitted by an artist and their work. The brand soaks up and seizes this chromatic palette to flood its collection with unique tones.

 Very quickly, on the list of synonyms of the artistic concept, color appears at the top. Often daring, it catches the eye which recognizes the daring signature of this house spirit.


Colors: a direct connection withartist !

 ARTIST knows how to create unique clothes through the diversity of rich color combinations, all legitimized by the chosen work. They are an extension of painting, photography, or sculpture from which emanates the inspiration for a clothing theme. In a model ARTIST, the person feels connected to the artist and their artistic expression.


Color: a particularity!

Take into account the major currents, but detach yourself from them, stand out of fast-fashion.

ARTIST refers to a strong visual identity and does not go unnoticed. This essential difference, this claimed distinctive sign, unites and attracts, sometimes even lovingly, a public “addicted” to the art of color.


In resonance with the taste of the season, boosted by the shine of a satin, twisted by the reliefs of a quilted, shaken by the acidity of a shade, softened by the down of a wool, this fireworks floods the creations of Studio BF.


Approved colors!

 Unanimes, des aficionados testify:

 “…I love colors so I love ARTIST…”

 “… I wear, I leave, I wash, I postpone… To be well and radiant…”

“… My brand at the heart of color, … To the happiness of color, … At the time of color…”

For sure, ARTIST and color: don't even be afraid! On the contrary, up to the challenge and in unison with its guest artists, the genius inventor label offers colorful ranges worthy of explorers or conjurers.

 Color: emotional stimulus!

 First of all because it has a direct impact on our emotions and our imagination, then because it affects our subjectivity.

It conveys codes and influences our mood, our environment, our behavior.


The colors: powers

This is the observation that Leonardo da Vinci made 500 years ago, discovering a soothing system in opposing colors!

Each of them vibrates in a distinct way to activate or calm. They summon all our senses.

For example, we favor green for everything that aims at harmonization, when red, orange or yellow give energy, blue rests and purple repairs.

At ARTISTcolors reflect everything, everywhere, above all.

Timeless, they don't hide, no, no, they can be seen! Unusual, they dazzle. Brilliant, they reverberate! Dull, they atomize. The shades nuance, the contrasts intrigue.

ARTIST, multicolor style trigger logo, good mood booster, can be worn without moderation.




Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.


  • Marie Odile

    La couleur c’est la petillance de la vie

  • Anonymous

    Est-ce-que on peut acheter votre produits aux États Unis
    Artist La marque:
    Bonjour ,Merci pour votre demande. Nous avons plusieurs demandes dans ce sens .  Malheureusement actuellement , nous ne sommes pas en mesure de livrer en toute sécurité aux États Unis compte tenu de la difficulté administrative et du niveau des taxes .Si vous avez une idée , nous sommes à l’écoute .Bien à vous Artist Le 10 oct. 2023 à 00:34, a écrit :

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