From one year to the next: the happy days of Éric Roux Fontaine

An exhibition

To move from 2020 to 2021, the Felli gallery - Paris followed “his invisible paths”. What jubilation in these tough times for culture to have to extend until January 29, 2021. Take a detour into the heart of the Marais, you too will feel the power of the work of this extraordinary artist, to say the least. It's monumental. Connoisseurs, lovers, collectors, those captivated, all literally in shock!

A short extract from the catalog published for the event should make your mouth water:

“…A painting of hope…. With full knowledge of the facts, against all odds. …An endless deluge of beauty where even the strange is hospitable…. The visions of Éric Roux Fontaine summon what humanizes us: imagination…”

One last word: run there quickly! There is still time to give yourself immense pleasure. - 127 rue Vieille du Temple – 75003 Paris Marais

A book 

At Artist, obviously we love art, we love art books, we love the very beautiful art book by Éric Roux Fontaine “Neverlandscape”. We could spend hours there, it would not be enough to share so many wonders with you. A masterful collection, a large format of masterpieces where each page takes us to the heart of what only belongs to painting. First, the title of each painting attracts us, then we look broadly, then we scrutinize the details. Or the opposite. But the effect it has is prodigious. And when the infinite time of reading stretches out, it’s like apnea diving. The writing is high-flying, on par with painting. 

Éric Roux Fontaine, impossible to forget this name. How we would like to know the one who tasted and sifted the world. And then this delicious anecdote, in response to a journalist who insisted on classifying him in a category. “What do I wear then? For your job.”

“ – Tightrope walker, put tightrope walker.”

Éric Roux Fontaine, born in France in 1966, lives and works in Versailles. He exhibits in France, Europe and the USA. “documents artwork Éric Roux Fontaine neverlandscape”:

Book: Neverlandscape - 35 euros - at Felli or online.Authors JPaul Delfino, Salvator Lombardo, Pierre Bongiovani, Pierre Vavasseur

Galleries: Felli Paris / Galerie Alain Daudet Toulouse / Galerie l’oeil du Prince Biarritz / Hugo Fine Arts Galerie New-York / Waltman Ortega Gallery Miami / M Fine Arts Gallery Boston

Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.


  • Gabrielle

    Merci. Merci de nous faire découvrir cet artiste, cette beauté…. j’ai hâte.

  • pautard

    Oh…ne me dites pas que…peut etre?? la prochaine collection? :)

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