Daniel Rich and ARTIST: overview of a painted city

Artist Daniel Rich says he is delighted and grateful to collaborate with fashion designers. He of course did research on ARTIST when François first approached him. Impressed by the brand's artistic and clothing offerings online, his decision was easy. He also saw the opportunity to make all of his work accessible. Fashion interests him, he has his own appreciation, tastes and ideas on the subject.

In 2009, he visited Greece and Athens, documenting the civil war after the Second World War. The Hellenic capital was rebuilt after suffering heavy damage. The urban density, the architectural style of the new residential complex, the colors of the terrace awnings... All these ideas inspired the painting chosen byARTISTfor its next “Olympecollection, on presentation from February 23 to March 3, 2024.

(below, the Athens canvas chosen by ARTIST for its next collection called: Olympe.)

The source image is a photograph taken during this trip. Daniel Rich appropriates and takes his own photos for the original imagery. He always starts from these foundations. Often the images come from the Internet, the press, and to complement investigative journalism, Daniel Rich strives to verify, devoting time to his personal research and reading.

Based in New York, the German photographer Daniel Rich paints large-format paintings that represent megalopolises seen from the air, flyovers of infinite cities. Filled with buildings, they overflow the frame to give the impression of an ultra-densified urban landscape with sprawling sprawl.

He also creates paintings of architectural and more abstract structures.

His way of expressing his immense interest, his questions, his desire to transmit and challenge. A powerful signature, the result of a long artistic process and the culmination of a striking, almost dizzying art.

From the very beginning, the strength of his practice and his expression remain intact, integrity one could say.

It shows the impact - perhaps even silently denounces - the highly symbolic power that architecture plays in global politics, social, cultural or religious systems.


His work is strongly influenced by his initial training in engraving, mainly in screen printing and intaglio. He uses a squeegee to apply his material, rarely a brush.

He mixes a lot of individual colors – “Athens” his inspirational canvas of the coming theme, has over 300 colors. He paints on an aluminum composite material used in sign making with a thin veneer. He loves the surface so smooth and perfect, totally suited to his large formats. By hand, he cuts all his stencils with a knife, sacrificing many blades and masking accessories.

Equipped with a gun and a compressor, he is comfortable spraying his paint on large flat areas of color. Then it transitions between them, brings them towards each other, merges them.

Represented by Miles McEnery Gallery in New York City, Usa


His 7th personal exhibition Parallels opened there on February 8 until the 23 March 2024.


He is also at Weber Fine Art in Greenwich, Connecticut, USA


It is in Los Angeles that we will also find him at the beginning of March as part of an exhibition organized by the SPRING/BREAK curatorial team.

He has regularly and for a long time participated in personal or collective events in different American states as well as in Europe.

Born in Ulm, Germany in 1977, Daniel Rich lives and works between Berlin, Germany and Brooklyn, New York, USA.

At 19, he studied in the United States:

Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, Maine,

MFA, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Massachusetts,

BFA, Atlanta College of Art, Georgia.



Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.

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  • Blandine

    Bonjour! Oeuvre alléchante, un artiste “international” que je ne connais pas encore..hâte de découvrir ce que vous nous avez concoté – en espérant que les pièces ne seront pas trop proches de la collection “Se perdre dans le bleu”, d’après ce que je peux entrevoir sur la photo floutée…A très vite!

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