In the gardens of Pascal HONORÉ



ARTIST takes you through unexpected gardens, improbable gardens, divine gardens.

 Your next Art-à-Portercollection is titled: “ENCHANTED GARDENS” .


The creativity of the painter Pascal Honoré, the eloquence and the strength of his marvelous practice extend over an extraordinary herbarium. In its secret garden, it is not uncommon to see majestic plants unfolding. To see treasures appear under the brush, like a flower blooming or a fruit growing in fertile soil. Each canvas is a sensitive proposition of an unprecedented nature, each painting a blessing like a moment of grace.


Froods, tree structure, rustling, in the ultimate, the certainty of summer, fullness in the orchard, promise of abundance…” so many evocative titles among his compositions organized in the manner of the gardener that the painter also likes to be. The poet Anna de Noailles (1876-1933) and garden muse could have dedicated her words to him: “Holding the scent of the seasons in your hands”.

The calm of the scenes, the voluptuousness of the curves and arabesques, the sensuality of the plant bodies, whatever the subject, it occupies all the space and sometimes goes back in time to Roman frescoes. All it takes is a stroll in Italy for one day, a pomegranate tree seen on an embankment in Pompeii inspires "grenades" in acrylic, oil, charcoal, inks and Nepalese paper mounted on 70 x 70 cm canvas.

We also think of the Middle East, of these colors and perfumes from elsewhere. We are pushing towards the Far East and Japan in particular.

The baroque music that he loves influences his multicultural work, which carries lyrical poetry. Looking at its lush variations, we hear their musicality, we breathe the fresh air of a spring morning, we feel the sweet tranquility of a summer evening...

Rich and powerful, the golds sometimes adorn the painted scene, highlighting the details... Reminiscence of his childhood when he loved sunny yellow?


In his creative process, all the senses on alert but the mind peaceful, follow one another the exterior phases devoted to discovery, contemplation and introspection.




Passionate about gardens, Pascal Honoré devotes nourishing time to observation, fertile ground for his imagination. He receives stimuli from everything that captivates him: plants, archaeology, architecture, Romanesque capitals, Italian frescoes, textiles, wallpapers… So the themes emerge naturally.

The decantation of his impressions can be dazzling or take several years. The Loire in Chavignol, fishing on the banks of a river lead it to emptiness. Contact with nature, rejuvenating water, light from here or elsewhere are crucibles of inspiration, places where the expression of one's art is left fallow.

The interior phases, that is to say at L’ATELIER, then follow suit. After this time of unconscious preparation, a trigger emerges, an impulse. The artist adopts another way of living, in the rhythm of his painting, 24 hours a day, for several weeks or months. He no longer lets go of his breadcrumbs. The workshop is located in Champagne where he lives and works, in the Ardre valley.
During the drying times, it still soaks up its generous countryside. A simple idea drives him, he constantly unfolds it.


Obviously figurative, more subtly abstract, his style has asserted itself on the basis of a solid experience of classical painting, enriched over 40 years of maturation and mastery. This perception highlights the fullness of his artistic expression accomplished in complete freedom.


Using a process derived from tempera, an age-old technique, he leads his palette towards dazzling and delicate colored experiments. On cotton canvas and Nepalese paper mounted in superimposed foliage, he deepens his pictorial writing using ink., acrylic, oil, charcoal, or more rarely wax. We are immersed in the material interwoven with lines and colors, full and smooth, smooth or striated textures, movements and pauses.

Since his 1re personal exhibition in 1989, he rethought the plant orientation that he inscribed in painting.

As his work grew, he allowed himself many explorations. From well-grounded acquisitions to head-on and straightforward experiences, he approaches his “full page”. Work on monumental Indians – heights of 2.40 to 5 m! - shows its ability to adapt, its desire to evolve. By always repeating and renewing each time, he succeeds in making the ephemeral lasting, he gives an eternity to what should only be an instant.





His career is rich in numerous collective and individual exhibitions and contemporary art fairs.

 In France: Paris, Reims, Annecy, Quimper, Bordeaux, Rouen, Lille, Strasbourg, etc.

Abroad: Warsaw, Krakow, Zagreb, Hamburg, Berlin, London, Brussels, Ghent, Luxembourg, Taipé, Seoul, Caracas, Lomé…


The Senate presented “INDIENNES” at the Orangerie du Jardin du Luxembourg from July 27 to August 7, 2023.

Currently, Exhibition at the Manège Rochambeau in Vendôme until August 27, 2023.

The artist is represented by: 


Chavignol -

MAZNEL GALLERY St Valéry-sur-Somme -

GALLERY XXI Montbrison –

GALERIE PLATINI Lyon and Veyrier-du-Lac –






Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.

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  • Viazzi

    J adore ces toiles de l artiste
    J attends avec impatience la nouvelle collection
    Ca va être sûrement Reussi
    Artist La marque:
    Un grand merci à vous .Brigitte et François Le 23 août 2023 à 21:13, a écrit :

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