Of Ice and Colors

Of Friday September 23 to Sunday October 2 all will be OF ICE AND COLORS!

We are still last spring, at the beginning of this collection, intended as a real winter offering, for delivery in December 2022.

Our perspective this time? Show you a direction still very little explored at ARTIST and therefore innovative.

In addition to offering you an artistic spirit of course, we have taken the option of a sport chic to wear in the city, at work, for leisure. Where and when you want !

To provide you with ease, well-being and elegance, from the start of our research we aimed for a print with small colored fragments.

This desire for harmony, balance and beautiful proportions leads us quite naturally to Claire de Chavagnac-Brugnon, an artist who has had our admiration for a long time.

At this embryonic stage of our project, we therefore have in mind one of his pieces from an old series absolutely perfect for the theme!

Painter, colorist and adventurer in search of the unexpected, her journey involves taking risks and letting go. All of his work revolves around numerous evolutions, turns and experiences. We perceive them as sequences marked by deep reflections, freedoms both improvised and welcomed.

Travel, but not only, nourishes Claire de Chavagnac-Brugnon, his painting, his art. She knows almost all five continents and a large part of her work is presented in travel journals. In a very personal language, his painting transcribes an intimate writing of lines loaded with meaning. These signs describe to us his own explorations in unknown lands, his inner and/or initiatory journeys.

« Travel journals are the memory of time crossed, the taking of notes of space and the anchoring of the emotion felt. It is in the construction of this memory that my work in the workshop is articulated.. Claire de Chavagnac-Brugnon.

Having followed her assiduously and having had the chance to collaborate on several occasions in the past, we know the hard worker, constantly focused on her subject, we hardly dare to disturb her. But desire and conviction won out and we asked for it on a Monday evening in early June.

And how well we did! The next morning, she called us back. In just one TGV hop, we found her that same afternoon in her Parisian workshop. Drawers open to his latest creations, magic of the moment, our imaginations run wild and deploy all their energy.

That day, we (re)found what we had come to look for and we are over the moon. The outlines of the collection OF ICE and COLORS are taking shape very concretely.

The planets align, each model finds its place, prints, shapes, details, everything fits together... Let's go! Down jacket, pants, tunic, we already know what we are going to do!

We even see where we're going to do this sporty chic shoot!

One of our favorite models, Romaine, lives at the foot of the Mont Blanc. We're all crazy about mountains, and we've often toyed with the daring idea of ​​a photo shoot on a glacier! A dream setting for a dream collection.

Aware of global warming, it is also a tribute thatARTIST wants to return to the Alps, the Aiguille du Midi, the peaks and the sea of ​​ice…

Clearly, the painter of this session also speaks about the environment when we ask him for his opinion on changing fashion: “Sustainability and ecology, with a demanding cut.”

Here is what she still answers to the traditional question from one artist to another, in this case, to Anne Brenner, “Abruzzo” collection from July 2022 “Are you more of nature or nurture? »

“Nature inspires and regenerates me, culture supports me and moves me forward. Impossible to move forward on just one foot, both are equally necessary to me. »

Claire de Chavagnac was born in Lannion in 1950. She lives and works in Paris and Plestin-les Grèves in the Côtes d’Armor. She studied architecture and design (CAT. Camondo in Paris), Fine Arts and the Cours de la Ville de Paris.

After working at the Paris operas (Bureau d’études and the set workshops) then teaching plastic arts in a school of applied arts (AFEDAP), she has devoted herself to painting and the visual arts since 1996.


Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.


  • Valérie

    Superbe , mais quels sont les prix ?

  • Anonymous

    Je ne vois pas les prix !! Collection magnifique!!

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