When all the sources of inspiration accumulate and are organized in the offices of Studio BF.

When multiple attempts at fanciful inventions, scraps of creative projects lie dormant in a well-kept treasure box.

When one beautiful, particularly artistic day, Brigitte and François decide to draw on their own resources.

When their stylistic archives, their work notebooks, their relics from trade shows, trips or exhibitions are transformed into graphic mood boards.


We immerse ourselves in the striking world of an ARTISTevent: a collection that is fresh and warm at the same time, sunny with a thousand and one radiances. Against a backdrop of a thousand and one letters, for a thousand and one women, all more dynamic and radiant.


 A bold collection, thought out and cut to perfection. Evocation of books, color studies, sketches of silhouettes, ARTISTtransforms his essays (in the middle of the Rugby World Cup) into a shock wave.

 The scrapbook-style journal of the creative studio, the exploitation of unexpected attempts is available in multicolored mosaic. A series of squares scratched with filigree writing, a colored filter delicately affixed to each of these facets make up the print of the theme. He dominates pieces that will make you blush with a thousand and one pleasures. Outfits to wear a thousand and one times, to coordinate, to separate to seduce in a thousand and one ways.

 At the junction of this kaleidoscope, the vermillion turns purple between red and orange. Worthy of the last minutes of a blazing sun at sunset, irresistible like a tequila sunrise, this red ocher sings of Colorado Provençal. This natural theater in Rustrel lends its magical decor to the shooting and magnifies the luminous silhouettes.


For tops, you're spoiled for choice between ¾ sleeve top on a white background, elbow sleeve top, embroidered top, long sleeve printed top. Impossible to decide, we want them all!


Plain vermilion pants embroidered on the outer side of the leg or crisp white super stretch pants? No hesitation, both are obviously a staple in every wardrobe!


A printed cardigan plays with all the little gusts of wind. If the breeze blows lightly, the plain embroidered cardigan is enough to protect tanned skin.

The structured material of a plain vermilion trapeze dress gives pride of place to chest-high embroidery. An XL-sized pocket completes the impeccably casual look for a comfortable summer.

Not too warm for spring, appropriate for fall, the ARTIST trench steals the show mid-season. In talking technical polyamide satin, this trench coat is sure to keep people talking! With its lacquered layer, it strongly reflects light. To withstand capricious rains, it combines lightness and waterproofness.


The buttoned tab at the bottom of the sleeve and the pretty lower back flap respect the codes of the most British of raincoats. But signed ARTIST, it displays a marked size. Its gathers give fullness to the bottom of the great classic. The buttons printed with the tonic patterns of the theme ensure its crossed closure. Detail we love: it is topped with a removable hood.

The “A thousand and one colors” session lasts until November 5, 2023.



Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.

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