Essential to our activity, we have always used appropriate tools and software. In the field of design, style and layout, we constantly adapt to changes in the graphic design profession. We combine Art and Computer Science and let's master the main CAD (Computer Aided Drawing) tools. Equipped with software from the Adobe suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign), we put every chance on our side to build collections worthy of the name. Reinforced by our pronounced taste for technological progress in the broad sense, our desire for innovation never ceases, convinced by the idea that there is creation absolutely in all areas.

As it is complicated to see clearly and not put everything in the same basket, we wanted to talk to you about our global and technological organization to explain to you in the simplest way possible how we work to improve the company's performance. ARTIST.

1 - What distinction should be made between digital and digital?

Nowadays the terms “digital” and “digital” tend to designate everything that represents the fields of computing, visuals, smartphone or tablet screens.

In France we say digital, the word digital meaning “which relates to the fingers. ". In English the term digital has been taken from “digit” which means number (counting on one’s fingers) and digital “which uses numbers. »

2 - What is “digital”?

Numerical is the difference between arithmetic and algebra. It’s everything that relates to computer processing, calculation, dematerialization.

Digital technology comes from the relationship between man and machine. As technologies are constantly evolving, new supports and aids called operating systems have emerged to facilitate the management of the machine by the user.

3 - What is digital?

With the arrival of touch screens, the term digital has gained even more momentum because people have been put at the heart of the action. Digital is the use of digital technology. We go to the other side of the screen.

Digital relates to communication through intangible media, digital technologies, and different networks. It provides support to the consumer in everyday life with all the necessary tools, a “virtual advisor” of sorts.

4 - What is an ERP?

ERP software for Enterprise Resource Planning, created in the 1980s in the USA, centralizes all the necessary tools general management: purchases, stocks, sales, production, yields. It is exactly the same thing as an ERP which means Integrated Management Software.

The principle is to channel the database, That is to say, entering or modifying information in one or other of the modules impacts all the other modules. The update is immediately applied to everyone who has access to it.

5 - ARTIST Choice

In 2020, without wanting to, we anticipated new working methods. At the very beginning of Covid, hit hard by the 1is confinement, we had to find out how to manage all of our flows and processes anyway.

Once our roadmap was transcribed onto paper, our concept also integrating that of our professional organization, we increased the number of meetings with IT specialists, specialists in the digital support of a company. We studied the IT market very closely and looked for our partners. We obviously needed the most suitable, flexible and effective formula. We especially didn't want a system that was too rigid. Stay away from all obstacles.

The platform on which our entire personalized site ARTIST rest is one of the most renowned worldwide.

The PAM, our Digital Marketing team, really provided us with many very concrete proposals and solutions. Paul Arthur excels in IT and marketing. As for Martin, he performs well on all marketing topics. We devoted an article in October 2021 to these two brothers who are very widely present at ARTIST since the beginning of history.

Today, everyone on our team has remote access. We alternate face-to-face meetings and video sessions, especially since some of us are located in Burgundy, but for others, more nomadic, in the four corners of Europe or even further from time to time... We have opted for subscription plans for software, applications, etc. And the freedom to change in 15 days if necessary!

For example, 6 months ago, we decided to change our current solution to focus “email, chat and telephone” on Zendesk. We've brought it all together to ensure company-wide synchronization. At all times now, our support is fluid, consistent and sophisticated across all of our channels for all of our customers.

Another internal communication thread: Slack. A hell of a thing that François loves! It’s a bit of a digital HQ. These are organized spaces, specific to each of the questions to be addressed. They bring together all the people, messages and files related to a project in one place. All employees are coordinated, when, where and how they want.

Many other tools allow us to increase productivity ARTIST. To remain agile and as close as possible to our entire community, particularly through our social networks, our site and our videos.

Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.

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