From the painting of Isabelle HERVÉ Library ” to the collection of ArtistRomance” there was only one step. The painter and the two fashion designers crossed it with the same artistic impulse, friendship at the heart of their complicity.

 To begin her figurative and shimmering painting, Isabelle almost always tells herself a story…

Once upon a time, there was a book that met another book, so they told each other book stories.

Facing this library personified by watercolor, each person cultivates their imagination in the front row of a promising spectacle. The work ofIsabelle HERVÉoften details humans, a central subject in her approach. Here, the character is off-screen. Observer, spectator, we are all potentially in the bookstore. The reader's eyes spot the titles, hesitating between a reissue and an original. We open a book for the irresistible smell of the paper, we leaf through it then delicately put it back in the same place... Even if the order does not always seem logical. We do not separate families of large, large and small formats. Light covers mixed in monochrome, in principle these paving stones go well together. Rest upright or flat, carefully. We take care to reposition a purplish, scribbled or variegated edge, parallel or perpendicular to the others, especially as required, as before, with soft gestures. We had memorized to allow this encyclopedia to continue its complete adventures.


Tightly pressed against each other, works from all countries rub shoulders whatever their skin color. They whisper in all dialects tales and legends, epics or poetry. The thriller abandons its darkness when its neighbor declaims the rosy life of an acrobat lyricist. On the shelf just below, the large atlas contains a row of albums up to the tip of Ushuaia. And comic book heroes rave about the turquoise of the glaciers. The gardener friend's magazine lavishes its good care on disparate flowers, alongside photos of large trees majestically green with chlorophyll, leaves and moss.

The poet's pen recites from sunrise to sunset the incandescent oranges of the early hours, the sparkling gold of the sun at the zenith, and the golden mirages of some starry skies.

 Messages escaped from fables, incredible narrations flying from the pages, the brush of Isabelle interpreted the library of the land of colors... Exalted by the pictorial story, Brigitte and François in turn translated it in their sewing language. Fabrics and accessories were used to dress up this ROMANCE.

Stylized representations in vertical, slanted or horizontal lines, explosion of colors highlighted on a white background, here are the models which will give the answer to the summer 2023in ARTIST:


BLOUSE POÉSIE: an embroidered viscose top - SLEEVELESS TOP LIVRE: an elastane cotton poplin - BINDING PRINTED TOP and TITLE PRINTED CARDIGAN: in elastane viscose - 100% silk printing of the canvas pattern on SCARF – All-over print on elastane cotton poplin for PANTS BIBLIO, SKIRT POLAR, ROMAN DRESS – Viscose knit for BOOK JACKET.


The suspense? A few weeks of waiting during the manufacturing of ARTIST's unique clothing.


The fantastic sequel to the adventures of our fabulous heroine Isabelle HERVÉ ?

  • From 12 to 21 May 2023

Exhibition "In this World" - La Sévienne Association in Sèvres -

12It is edition of the Salon des Arts - la Rotonde du Sel, 47 Grande Rue in Sèvres.

IHH - Isabelle Hervé - IHH12 with Mari@Chambre12 -


  • June 2023

Exhibition at the Fantastico – Bar and gourmet canteen in Givry (71) on the theme of

conviviality of bars and libraries.

IHH - Isabelle Hervé - IHH12 with Mari@Chambre12EVISA with Évelyne Maubert

Reading advice from Isabelle: “The café of time regained” (following 1st volume) by

Tochikazu Kawakugchi aux éditions Albin Michel.


  • The 1sis and 2 July 2023

Festi Chânes for IHH12 in Chânes, in Beaujolais (71)


  • From July 15 to 28, 2023


6th edition “Art is Child’s Playin Gordes (84) - Chapel of the White Penitents.

Sale in favor of improving the comfort and living conditions of children hospitalized at Avignon Hospital.

Presentation of the exhibition in the gardens of the Palais Saint Firmin on the occasion of the national event of

Meet you at the gardensFriday 2, Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 June 2023.


Site : Instagram: @ihherve

Online sales :

Email : - Site : - Instagram : @ihherve


Born in 1968 in Brittany, Isabelle HERVÉ has ​​devoted herself to her art since the end of the 90s.

She lives and works in Paris; exhibits mainly in France and Belgium.

Technique: acrylic and collages.



Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.

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