Let's listen to our landscapes

His smile is enchanting, his gaze sparkling... When you are lucky enough to be there in his bucolic garden at the end of which his workshop opens, you instantly understand his fertile spirit. In his soft and enthusiastic voice, we hear his openness to the world, the fauna, the flora, the humans. Unintentionally, Véronique Lafont spreads his greatness of soul tinged with delicate discretion and yet so powerfully expressive.

Generosity, spontaneity, colors, these three strong words certainly define the concept ARTIST but they so rightly echo the personality traits and artistic qualities of the painter, initiator of the very last theme online from October 28 to November 6, 2022.

Yes, it is about spontaneity and colors, a striking similarity between the pictorial works of one or the clothing collections of the other.

Véronique is fascinated by everything that happens, swarms, rustles in nature. Captivated by a few tiny impacts that ricochet and splash the seasons, these moving shapes that she knows how to observe, these changing colors that she collects and restores as a sensitive and expert colorist. She scrutinizes all the bursts of life in the countryside that she loves, the forest that she loves to smell. When she returns regenerated from a creative intuition, she paints the natural effects of life with her own material effects and her prodigious chromatic range.

“My practice has become physical and spontaneous, my relationship with the material, sensual and embodied: I knead it, shake it up, scratch it, cut it. This plastic frenzy, by dissolving the forms, leads to a loss of bearings, leaving only my emotional interpretation visible of the landscape. »

How does she proceed to show so many of these inconstant variations, to offer her meditative space so generously?

The yellows of the rapeseed fields or the oranges of the sun’s reflection?

The azure blues of the Burgundy sky or the powdery horizon?

The green moss beneath his feet?

The pinkish light on the fields at the hour of rest?

Resulting from this dizzying web of strength, energy and vitality, the “ Let's listen to our landscapes » will be delivered at the beginning of February 2023 in its boxes. First twenty-eight days after the gray of winter where the light regains its rights and promises the return of a more lenient tomorrow.

ARTIST will make you leave winter with vigor and tone. Future off-season models will emanate from the lively and cheerful palette of Véronique Lafont who gave it this poetic and well-inspired name that Brigitte and François adopted without hesitation.

“… She takes a detail and offers us her colorful meditations, reminding us that only concentration without judgment, diving into the free space of present time, can welcome joy… Floating, deep, soothing and joyful inner states… poetic windows…”

Cécile Dufay, February 2022, exhibition “the liberated daily life” Duo Véronique Lafont and Makoto Muranaka.

“… Color as reality… A flurry of bright colors, a journey through time and space with emotion as the only reference point. A reverence to nature in vibration.
Put down... Insane colors where fiery or pink reds intertwine, raw or confused yellows, furious or subdued blues, crisp or azure greens... reflecting the expert palette of an accomplished artist. A rich and exuberant palette…”
Hala Sabra, April 2019

Véronique Lafont has been exhibiting for around thirty years. His works appear in numerous private and public collections.

Its partner galleries :

Gallery Cécile Dufay, Paris 15It is - https://galeriececiledufay.fr
Gallery Amelie, Maison d’art, Paris 6th and 9th - https://www.amelie-paris.com

Galerie Garnier Delaporte, Sancerre - https://www.galerie.garnierdelaporte.com

Holder of a master's degree in visual arts from Paris Sorbonne, has lived and worked in Burgundy since 2008. She was also a textile sculptor and regularly publishes art books in collaboration with other authors.


Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.

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