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Carole Bressan will also be the guest of honor at 52It is painting, sculpture and photography fair from July 24 to August 8, 2021 inclusive in Criel-sur-Mer in Seine-Maritime.

Near Dieppe in Normandy, this flagship event of the association “ Friends of the Arts and the Manoir de Briançon » has become an unmissable regional event of the summer. 

It is therefore in this prestigious setting of the Town Hall that eighteen paintings taken from “Poetics of Landscape” will be exhibited. As a preview, Carole Bressan will unveil two paintings from a brand new series: the “Underwater Poetics I”. The artist offers you here the first of these water lilies underwater, seen from below. Reflections, roots and stems, softness of curves, richness of nuances recreate this lake flora. Floating or submerged leaves, round or heart-shaped, we dive into turquoise waters in this natural and vegetal setting of submarine water lilies.

Let us continue the meeting with the artist who wishes here to express all his admiration and deep gratitude to Michel Lagrange, writer and poet. In the summer of 2020, an exhibition at the Galerie d'Art et d'Or directed by Patrick Dupressoir in Châtillon sur Seine in Côte d'Or (21) provoked an unforgettable meeting between the painter and the author. Agrégé of letters, officer of Arts and Letters, Knight of the National Order of Merit, he has published, among other things, collections of poems since 1977. His works have earned him the laudatory words of René Char and Marguerite Yourcenar. To the one who, according to him, captures the soul of the place like no other, Michel Lagrange offered these lines:

"The landscape is active, available, revealing. The painter receives it and shows it, not as a copyist of appearances, but as a visionary of a natural universe which goes further than what it appears and opens up on another dimension This landscape discovered, revealed, acquires, through the gaze and the gesture of the painter, an almost divine dimension, whose beauty is the silent sign Whose new unity is the confession of a creation which us. goes beyond and invites us to renew ourselves, to situate ourselves on a higher plane of vision and knowledge."


Carole Bressan particularly loves her poetry and has chosen to share with us a short extract fromAnima Mundi, a very great poem signed by Michel Lagrange:

« ...There will be tonight
Around the Light
Bird calls crafted into masterpieces

This landscape is victorious
He is everywhere and nowhere
Without vanishing point or hierarchy
In tune with its movement

Including the colors of this initiation
Everything is contemporary with the Light

 A silence filled with harmony
Faced with eternity there is no longer time
There is no longer any exile in the heart of Beauty..."

Let’s stay on the beauty of words, of painting, of art and of everyone. Artist.

Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.


  • Anonymous

    Bravo à vous, fan d aventures des toiles, je vous suis facebook, le seul de faux, ç est le prix!!!
    Mais ça permet de rêver!!,

  • Anonymous

    Bravo à vous, fan d aventures des toiles, je vous suis facebook, le seul de faux, ç est le prix!!!
    Mais ça permet de rêver!!,

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