ÉTONNANTS VOYAGEURS Festival: a source of inspiration

ARTIST did not miss the unmissable event of the 33th edition of the Saint book and film festival -Malo.

Everywhere ARTISTgoes to breathe deeply the regenerating oxygen of creativity.

At the end of May, without hesitation, the brand crossed France to capture the invigorating air of Brittany which revitalizes their fertile imagination. Opening your mind to multiple influences, broadening your horizons, letting yourself be infused with the spirit of the times, this is how the brand likes to welcome these nourishing sources of inspiration. They love this tête-à-tête, which is conducive to fresh, salty ideas.

 After these 3 days of cultural immersion, they will surely in turn offer you their own festival of Art-à-Porter and continually astonishing collections.

 Founded in 1990 by Michel Le Bris (writer 1944-1921), it is one of the greatest current French literary moments spread over several locations in the corsair city. Meetings, major debates, literary cafés, shows, films/debates, exhibitions, readings, breakfasts and aperitifs with authors, youth activities, a huge book fair and signings...

                                  above: Laurent GAUDÉ Goncourt prize 

 Every year, 200 authors from all over the world, novelists, essayists, cartoonists, photographers, illustrators… Artists from all genres gather there. From the biggest names to newcomers, everyone is invited to meet their audience and discuss the themes of the programming.

Florence AUBENAS

Across the world

Project yourself into the world to learn from it... With force, “Etonnants Voyageurs” has spread to Missoula, Dublin, Sarajevo, Haifa, Bamako, Port-au-Prince, Brazzaville, Rabat-Salé, crossroads

of a diverse, colorful, inventive “world literature”, mixing identities and cultures.

In addition to these constant comings and goings with its editions abroad, let us also highlight its insertion in the Word Alliance.


Saying the world in images

 Documentaries, fiction, TV series: around a hundred screenings to explore in images and develop new bridges between cinema and literature.

Don’t artists show things through pen and image?

 Literary breakfasts and aperitifs

Who hasn't dreamed of spending time with their favorite author? ARTIST had this chance! Share an unforgettable breakfast like a sunrise over the Saint-Malo ramparts with…

Isabelle Autissier ! French sailor, writer and Honorary President of WWF-France ( https://www.wwf.fr ). A woman as fascinating as she is human to offer future generations a living planet. Proof of this is the liveliness of his words and his actions linked to the coastline to be protected as well as reinvented.

Constantly in Saint-Malo, the spirit of travel is combined with the call of the open sea. This symposium, undoubtedly the largest event in France devoted to the sea, also aims to combine the approaches of scientists, “seafarers”, explorers and writers. This formidable laboratory shows and defends the sea as a cultural and poetic space as much as a scientific one.


Great exhibitions

Cartier-Bresson, Salgado, Depardon, so many others... At the meeting place for world-class photographers. Where they meet perspectives and experiences with the signatories of travel diaries, narrators, illustrators, comic book greats (from Pratt to Bourgeon via Bilal, Fred, Mœbius, Loisel, etc.).

Prestigious awards

The Ouest-France-Étonnants-Voyageurs prize , The Nicolas Bouvier prize , The Joseph Kessel prize , The Ganzo poetry prize , The Gens de Mer prize , The “World Literature” grand prizes , The Imagination grand prize are awarded during these days.

A huge Book Fair

13 booksellers and more than 200 publishers offer a showcase of the literary scene and ongoing signatures.

Music, theater, reading...

Shows and unique encounters at the crossroads of genres feature musicians, singers, rappers, slammers and actors.

Would Pentecost in St-Malo in 2024 tempt you? The city and its surroundings have a magical landscape as well as an immense cultural and historical heritage. As ARTIST become, during this weekend of emergency planning, amazing travelers. To recognize yourself? Dress codeARTIST!




Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.

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