Vibrant artist, Félicie Vignat has infused us with her good vibrations. Compiled with ours (we have no shortage of them!), we have redoubled our energy to develop this new “FRAGMENTS” collection. A whirlwind of creativity should color your back-to-school wardrobe.

Graphic arts, drawing, painting list the fields that she has explored for many years. His creation is expressed on various supports and materials (oil on canvas, work on wood, ink, collage on paper, etc.) while maintaining an impressive unity and continuity of coherence.

Félicie Vignat finds in this art a way to push the walls, to push back or even erase the borders of a space which opens beyond the simple sheet of paper or the canvas. An exhilarating universe that profusely extends beyond the confines of his workshop.

Fluid and very simple, his words to tell us about his work in the broad sense won us over, but the work chosen in particular already had our full support. We were captivated by this collage with its many very graphic elements. We were good, in tune with Félicie, everything was positive, we didn't see the time passing... But we had to come back from the Toulouse region to Burgundy to get to work, our turn.

“Expressing myself through lines, colors, materials is my freedom.
Through the subtle play of transparencies, scratchings, superpositions, the shapes are constructed,
find their place in this limited space and the materials take on meaning.
From the initial chaos, everything becomes obvious and I decide to leave the canvas, a work forever unfinished, to rest. »

Félicie Vignat

Everything we said to each other, everything we admired, all this creative and reciprocal harmony, all this converging whole gave us a good dose of inspiration. Building on these similarities and resonances, we built our collection plan without complexes or restraint.

Our common points?

 Freedom, colors, balance, simple shapes, structure, light, materials! What more ?

The icing on the cake: we found the excuse of a radiant, dazzling green. We didn't need more to design a jacket/trousers set in fine ribbed stretch velvet.

Taken from a man's wardrobe, we modeled it with clips and feminine codes. We really had a green thumb for this suit highlighted by the velvety feel of a modern fabric. And since in the studio, all the lights were green, we went all out to display a color full of personality.

This “FRAGMENTS” session is pure ARTIST style!

  • Pieces with strong character. Life in color, as we want you to experience it!

Click on: everything is well explained, detailed, zoomed in.

Until June 18 only!

What to go for?

A quartet of tops: bright, printed, graphic pieces that combine with 2 tonal ambiances. A buttoned top with a box pleat that peeks out from the back competes with a “V” neck and a round neck or even a loose printed sweater. Really cause for hesitation!

The second, wiser, more neutral part focuses on the quality of its compositions, the gray and black of which coordinate with the prints taken from the canvas of Félicie Vignat.

To wear for any occasion, black pants in a dense and resistant milano. Flat stomach cut, this prodigious knit, there is no other word, remains indisputably popular with all those who taste it.

So much so that we also made a stretch dress with a fishnet Claudine-style collar from the same brilliant comfort material. With its bands discreetly sprinkled with lurex, it sends out!

A scarf, two cardigans to keep you warm. For one, designed like a jacket, in an extra-soft pile. For the other, a fancy relief in a non-itchy wool. Honestly, we want all three!

Everything plays on the oppositions that go so well together in a clever mix of materials and astonishing contrasts of colors made to match.


Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.

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    Bravo pour ce vert éclatant qui donne du Pepsi et bravo pour les coupes et les formes !
    J’adore !!

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