Engrave the wild herbs

From an armful of wild herbs picked on purpose to become a dried bouquet, the artist Anne Goujaud drew the sketch. This is the starting point of this delicate variation entitled “ Wild Grass ". Challenging evocation for the creation studio ARTIST who was wildly inspired by it, and largely infused his collection of the same name, currently being presented from May 6 to 15, 2022.


When we watch the video shot in his workshop in Dampmart (77), we understand his artistic journey. Every day, one job leads to another. After the harmonious design, constructed of branches and colored patterns inserted into the foliage, Anne Goujaud then cut everything out. It wasn't enough. Restructure to recompose everything differently.

The color atmosphere comes from his desire for summer and his current mood. The gray/black sketch divides the space of the white background board between yellow, orange, red, green and blue. 

Expertly orchestrated, the colors and shapes given give rhythm. There are many steps to arrive at these constructions filled with details, collages and cut-outs. As our engraver summarizes, several times under press are necessary.

« … 1 – We make hollow cuts with a tool or a mordant (acid) on the metal plate.

2 – After inking, palm to remove excess ink (we love this superbly filmed gesture) Lien video : https://vimeo.com/704218279/d53b8fa0d8

3 – the paper and the plate, both superimposed, are put under the press. »

ARTIST chose 2 engravings and approached them as a diptych.

Anne Goujaud favors the square format “ which I often use as a matrix and which further increases the field of possibilities ».

“Anne invents combinations. She fits together curves and verticals, seeks voluptuousness in the subtle accumulation of colors, the starburst of shapes, the blurring of limits. The space is rhythmed by the repetition of a pattern, the pervasiveness of a colored solid or the insistence of a frame. His work is not based on graphic research but is rooted in a subtle play of correspondences, a sensitive layering of frames, lines and colors. » Isabelle Gozard.

We find his alterations of color and timbre in his variations of squares on the first painting; we recognize its alternation of verticals on the second.

Like imponderables, its false repetitions oscillate between interruptions and sequels. Inside the general structure, the partitions accommodate patterns, segments here, curves there. Free electrons going off track, time zones that would renounce accuracy.

In correlation with " wild herbs », ARTIST offers a Women's line, designed for September, synonymous with an active return to school. A breath crosses the range, making it airy, fluid. Like these two works explored in ready-to-wear, the brand has chased away immobility. The printed blouse and tops accompany the movement, the beautifully red jacket dodges the onslaught of the wind. As for the pants, we love their chocolate; and the dress, we are totally crazy about it!

Colorist, Anne Goujaud demands the quality of color; etcher, she practices theetching (15th century technique) and proceeds to intaglio engraving, intaglio, on a metal plate with a bite. The print (without incision or bite) is his first artistic expression, more precisely the monotype.

The artist does not hesitate to develop his art of imprinting, original and personal.

His practice opens up to other techniques such as textiles and ceramics. In 2019, four rugs were published by Codimat in Paris for a collection that transposes the world of delicate cheerfulness into volume and view from the sky.

« Why not integrate my drawings into the world of architecture to adorn the walls of a building lobby for example. This is another area that interests me a lot. » entrust the creator.

Since her debut, there is a long list of dates of events in which she has participated. The artist regularly sees his work exhibited. In recent years, his pieces have once again traveled to beautiful places:

2022 :

Affordable Art Fair in Brussels with Artvista. Belgium

Dampmart library. France

2021 :

AAF in Brussels with Artvista. Belgium

Monts Analogues Frac Champagne Ardennes Reims. France

Les Means du Bord in Morlaix. France

La Grange Bernard in Giffaumont. France

2020 :

12 years of the Gilbert Duviens gallery in Senlis. France

2019 :

Art Karlsruhe  with Artvista. Germany

Art Windwood with Lisa Braun Collection in Miami. USA

Moulin Russon Seine et Marne. France

Les Tourelles in Vouziers. France

Painter, engraver born in Neuchâteau (Vosges) in 1954.
Graduate of Fine Arts from Reims. Since 2019, workshop in Dampmart in Seine-et-Marne, Ile de France. Personal or collective exhibitions in France and abroad. International fairs.
Sale of prints in Europe and the USA.
Galerie Les Funambules in Vannes, Galerie Ducastel in Avignon, Namy-Caulier in Paris.
His works are part of the public collections of the art library of Caen, Nantes, Saint Maur, Compiègne, Lorient.

https://www.goujaud.fr - Instagram: annegoujaud


Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.

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