Inseparable from the Art-à-Porter brand, colors remain essential to beautify everything. Combining them is as much a science as it is an art. ARTISTguides you to compose looks that are both sparkling and refined.

This article would like to make it easier for you to understand the subtleties and enlighten you on how the collections work to give you the opportunity to have a unique wardrobe, revealing your personality.

ARTISTclothes are not only typical! The UNIS SuperLycra capsule exists to choreograph this ensemble: colors, models, materials.

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Are you new to the webinars, just starting to join the co-producers, or have you been buying faithfully from the beginning?

You will never stop expanding your wardrobe! From the first to the last collection, and that goes for all the next ones, you will play with the coordinates, multiply the combinations. From one theme to another, you will use ingenious tricks to create new stories yourself. And the icing on the cake, for both tops and bottoms, you will come across plains and patterns, plains and plains, or perhaps patterns with other patterns...

At ARTIST, each session reserves surprises and you will build with undisguised pleasure other silhouettes which will joyfully merge.

In complete freedom, you will above all express your own nature and your own style.

“This color suits you so well! »

There are several harmonies in the traditional color wheel. The best colors to pair with are “complementary” (opposing shades).

Yellow is the complementary color of purple, red is the complementary color of green, blue is the complementary color of orange.

“Analogue” colors blend into each other, composed of the same primary color. It’s basic: yellow, its tertiary orange-yellow color, and orange work well together naturally.

The term triadic is given to three shades of the color wheel equidistant from each other. The trick is to let one color dominate and accentuate the other two. Red, yellow and blue; purple, green and orange; blue purple, red orange and yellow green.

Monochromatic shades – a single color in various gradients – make for an easy-on-the-eye look that is possibly interesting and varied.

In each color family, from darkest to lightest, warm and cold tones coexist. Some enhance your complexion and hair. To find out the full range that will best reveal your natural beauty, there is a simple method: colorimetry.

Create your personal palette

Not only can the right colors make you look healthier, younger, slimmer and brighter. But also, they affect your emotions and mood. Messengers, they affect the general impression that you inspire in others.

Choose your timeless neutrals (beige, gray, or pastels) then your main favorites. One or two secondary colors can bring your toilet to life.

Wear colors that make you look your best!

The ones you particularly like, the friends who highlight you. The allies who make you feel good.

To maximize the number of outfits you can wear, carefully develop your mix, carefully balanced, truly compatible with your appearance.

Please note that all monochrome and monochrome combinations lengthen and refine the silhouette.

You can very well adopt a very colorful style but all in harmony and without overdoing it. A daring but always appropriate look will give you the look of a dynamic, joyful woman who feels good about herself.

Develop your personal style

You have understood your body shape, accepted your body, learned to love your complexes and your assets, you can highlight your strengths and camouflage the rest. All women remain the same about this and have been fighting with themselves since the dawn of time. No, no, you are not the only one!

Getting dressed every morning reflects your state of mind. Nothing beats confidence in the clothes you put on and your ability to shine. confidence is your best accessory. Wear it without moderation.

Your style: the key to confidence and the window into your personality!

Getting dressed every morning reflects your state of mind. Nothing beats confidence in the clothes you put on and your ability to shine. confidence is your best accessory. Wear it without moderation. 

Style secrets

It is entirely possible to wear the same clothes often without having to get bored of the same outfit. To do this, you just need to mix them differently, combine them differently and incorporate a few accessories. You thus have at your disposal a fatal weapon that is surprisingly varied and remarkably unique. To make everyone who meets you pale!

Finish your outfit with a pair of breathtaking shoes. The originality of your sneakers or derbies affirms your relaxed attitude of the day. Wearing heeled boots or pumps, there is no doubt that you are glamorous one day, sexy on your “i” days…

The only imperative rule to follow: be yourself as an ARTIST!


Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.

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