Harmonia: ARTIST in the colors of mythology

In the inspiring work from the “Harmonia” collection, the painter Daniel Airam gives us his vision of mythology. Its pictorial interpretation of the myth of Dido and Aeneas, an allegorical duo of literature and the arts in general, announces the promise of a creative odyssey. This version, as personal as it is contemporary, remains nothing less than a pretext for the conceptual painter.

And it is because he discerned the act of creation in the ARTIST concept that he agreed to collaborate. Just like him, the Art-à-Porter brand is constantly taking steps aside. Just like this man of the art, the BF studio goes beyond the subject but always preserves its substance.

Fertile similarities, associated skills, added, multiplied, all these forms of prolific expressiveness make it possible to present this harmonious feminine wardrobe until July 16, 2023.


The canvas on wood, as if cut from a frieze, takes up the idea of ​​the predella, the lower part of a painting.

altar or altarpiece. On a few models, fancy tops, two sweaters and a cardigan, ARTIST converses with this colorful mosaic, a true chromatic mirror of the emblematic landscape.


A reminder of a process in the history of painting, squaring, a technique of yesteryear for reproducing a drawing to scale, reminds us that at ARTIST we also focus on the height of the exclusive prints placed.


The ARTIST- Daniel Airam tandem delves into the material as if into a manufacturing past.


“More than clothing, I admit to being especially sensitive to the quality of a fabric. The history of fabric is fascinating, both for its use and its beauty. » The artist confirms that the quality of the materials obviously matters.


At the heart of this latest collection revealed this Friday 7, a real centerpiece, half-jacket, half-blousant, works wonders in boiled wool. Both strong and flexible, its classic and relaxed structure does not fray or deteriorate. The industrial treatment and finishing make its texture softer, giving it swelling, insulation and comfort. Thanks to felting, the boiled wool takes on grain and this thickness gives it a high-end touch.


Must or subtle detail on this piece with sleeves as on the bridge pants: the buttons feature the characters painted like old jewelry.


The prints are sometimes like the complete picture, sometimes like the color chart which borders the bottom of the legendary scene. The unique dress has the originality of a gradual dark fade from top to bottom. The only plain colors in this mythological universe: the pants and this flagship jacket of the collection.


The combination of colors faithful to the work composes a perfect palette to temper the personality of the theme. Enhanced by this exceptional blue-green, the shades and fabrics stand out nicely.


The mallard color and its series of variations lend themselves to precious fabrics or raw natural materials to which it brings character.

Fresh and bold, the color of the moment, this atypical blue and full of character suddenly transforms the general atmosphere into an architectural composition.

Without denying its soothing side, this inimitable blueness gives a boost to shades of blue. It was enough to dose it well and know how to combine it to successfully combine with all the other colors taken from the paint.

Born from a deep reflection around the image and the sign, coupled with a rare acuity, the artistic concept of Daniel Airam constitutes a series of singular interventions, contradictory choices and hesitations happy. Often placed in majestic frames, or slipped into old boxes, his works thus displayed are visible, unmissable and highly recommended by ARTIST.






Next date to remember from November 11 to 19, 2023: ANTICA NAMUR, Belgium https://www.antica.be/fr/fine-art-fair-namur/



Permanently, in the galleries :

BEYOND APPEARANCES, Annecy France- https://www.galerie-audeladessemblances.com

BEL AIR FINE ART GALLERY, Knotte-Le-Zoute Belgium and Geneva Switzerland - https://www.belairfineart.com/fr/galeries/

FRANS VANHOVE ART GALLERY, Louvain Belgique - https://www.fransvanhove.be





Solo exhibitions :


Art’up Lille, solo show, Beyond Appearances gallery.


Art’up Lille, solo show, Beyond Appearances gallery,
Art Montpellier, Beyond Appearances gallery,
Gallery Beyond appearances,
Our sea, Saint Laurent d’Agny.


Art’up Lille, Beyond Appearances gallery,
Art Montpellier, Beyond Appearances gallery.


Art Montpellier, Beyond Appearances gallery.


Art’up, Lille, galerie Patrick Bartoli,
Ways/voices, SCOF Grigny,
Homage to Auguste Renoir, Cagnes sur mer.

Participates in numerous group exhibitions in France, Europe, United States, Japan in the field of engraving.


Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.

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