INTERVIEW - 10 short questions asked to the artist Catherine CAZAU

Mini interview

10 short questions / 10 short answers asked to the artist Catherine CAZAU who inspired the “À L’ORIGINE” collection for pre-orders from August 20 to 29, 2021:


  1. An inspiring place?

The forest behind my house.


  1. An artist you can’t get enough of?



  1. Your last reading?

“Thoughts along the way” by Axel Kahn.


  1. How do you start a canvas?

I apply a first uniform white or colored layer.


  1. When do you know it is finished?

When I can no longer add anything or else another painting begins.


  1. Your Proustian madeleine?

The smell of lavender.


  1. Does (clothing) fashion inspire you?

Fashion attracts me, fabrics and their patterns inspire me!


  1. Any idea to make it evolve?

Consider the stylist as a sculptor, an architect.


  1. Your favorite piece of clothing? (jacket, dress, pants, scarf, etc.)

Pants most often, skirt in summer.


  1. A question you would like to ask the next artist we collaborate with?

Would you like to participate in the creation of a garment?


Publié par Brigitte Martin, Co-fondratrice d'Artist La marque.

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