The Alchemy of ARTIST collections

We're not doing it again! What we like to say to ourselves every day is “Luckily yes!”


Always offering you the same thing would be going in circles and that is not in our philosophy. The entire universe can influence us and that’s good! In collaboration with all the creative people we meet on our way, painters, visual artists, photographers, sculptors, we infuse and merge our sources. In our studio of beauty, fantasy, striking details, we are overflowing with bubbling ideas. We approach things from new angles to bring to life ARTIST with you. Our unique line stands out for you with its WEARABLE ART. It makes a lasting impression, and is noticed on you wherever you go.

We have been working together for a long time now. We have never stopped sharing one and only credo: that of creation. Faithful to our universe, we shape our projects as we write a story, with a beginning, a common thread, and which we would like to have no end. When we create your collections, your artistic soul guides us to make you feel... You, as simply as possible, for as long as possible.While many wardrobes are boring draped in black, dark and gloom, we are shaking up color conventions. Throughout the sessions, our ranges embrace existence to make it softer or happier for you. The beautiful life the ARTIST way begins with a multitude of sought-after colors and all the joie de vivre that goes with it.

“Life flourishes through work.” Arthur Rimbaud

“Dreams give work.” paulo Coelho

Fashioning your favorite clothes in this way gives us wings, that’s obvious. Our wonderful, inspiring understanding resembles fertile ground. The fruits that we reap from your enthusiasm are the best reward, living proof that our complicity is meaningful. Intrinsically linked to our artistic duo, ARTIST has its secret garden, its know-how, this indefinable “je ne sais quoi”. Without revealing everything to you, we are going to open the door to its lair and reveal to you the broad outlines of the long process of creation, the underside of your topside.

There are many steps. Without going into details although we really pay particular attention to it, here are the key points for developing a theme presented during each session.

We identify the artists and their work. We observe the evolution of all fashion trends including decoration. We visit fabric and accessories fairs in France and Italy, and the factories of our new or main suppliers.

Then the deepening begins, we decide on biases and we define the collection plan, a major element, the founding axis of all work of a brand. Ready-to-Wear

Comparing the qualities of all the components, the prices, the needs leads us to the final choice of materials, buttons, embroidery, prints… We create each personalized and exclusive print ourselves. This entire graphic part is developed with technicians specialized in this field, taking into account test results and industrial processes.

Then comes the drawing of the models, the technical file, the patterning up to the sampling and fitting, and possible alterations. We control the construction of the garment from A to Z.

We make all our decisions together, and when we have validated everything, the entire theme is created. During this time, we are working on the entire brand image, digital, social networks, videos, webinars. 

It’s an everyday investment. Construction is long, laborious, demanding.

We put our hands to work, we put in the effort, we tear down mountains but we are also strongly supported by all of our partners without whom ARTIST would not experience the same enthusiasm.

“Why are you working so hard? To make it look easy.” Fred Astaire

Each work awakens in us a feeling, an experience, an emotion... A mechanism then takes place, a phenomenon of transformation, a alchemy. It is essential to respect the hand and spirit of the original artist's work but we want to remain free, almost impertinent so as to never stop ourselves from daring. Every time, it’s a question of balance and we are delighted to achieve the atmosphere, the style that we want to give. Again and again, we follow our intuition and where it leads us we never stop learning. 

We put our heart into the work and your encouraging feedback is gratifying.

See you soon for the next presentation at the beginning of July, looking forward to seeing you again. Brigitte and François.

“I don’t know where I’m going, but I promise we won’t be bored.” David Bowie

Publié par Brigitte Martin, Co-fondratrice d'Artist La marque.

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