The digital art of Thierry Boitier

We know the work of Thierry BOITIER through his paintings and his particular universe that he has been creating for around thirty years.

With the “SAFARI” collection, from February 13 to 22, ARTIST has presented his photographic work developed in recent years, as the natural extension of his sensitivity.

Mastering aesthetics, framing, balance, palette, all these ingredients only enrich the particular eye of this painter-photographer. He freezes, during his travels, landscapes of a still original virgin with a rendering of his photos approaching sepia or outdated images, where for some, writings have been affixed like images from a travel diary.

The feat of Thierry BOITIER is to bring to his photographs a paradox between the past and to project them into a contemporary world with borders of bright colors. Thierry's angle of view today brings out a new approach to nature.

When we mention these elements, we perfectly understand what led him to his current work towards photography. When he understood that brushes were not his only tools. He emancipated himself thanks to the new techniques offered. He learned, deepened, adopted, tamed the digital technology which pushes the boundaries.

Like David Hockney, a contemporary landscape portraitist, Thierry BOITIER sometimes abandons the brush for the mouse. It is common knowledge that the famous English artist draws some of his works on his iPad. A mathematician has developed a tailor-made application for him, a more practical and faster medium.

 Thierry BOITIER painter who photographs or photographer who paints? He explores this porosity and reinvents a new relationship with time, memory, reality and imagination. After the sacred time of observation, of personal emotion, the shot will tell the story and to do this he will then allow himself deviations and play on them. His digital art has become just as exhilarating as his painting. It’s another approach, another pleasure, like that of personalizing patinas…

 In 2023, ARTIST wishes its partner artist of the “Safari” collection reports that are a change of scenery, time in his studio, music that makes him vibrate to integrate one form of art into another, and celebrate rare places without making too much of an impression.


Like him and for him, we listen to: “Another green world”, his tireless Madeleine by Proust, a piece chosen by Brian Eno 1975 (below) so current. We even wish he would meet him, he would be so happy!


Before parting, a few snippets from a conversation with his gallery owner Arnaud Bard:

A B: What are your rituals in your workshop before you get to work?
T B: Since the advent of the internet, a of my favorite rituals is discovering the work of artists from around the world. Examine the visual codes and put them into perspective. There is always a new way, new images to enrich thought. »

A B: Going to a desert island, which mentor would you like to go with, and why?
T B: Without hesitation, my lifelong mentor, the musician Brian Eno who, through his Ambient Music compositions, has always accompanied my thinking and my creation. I imagine that we could combine our ways of creating and producing a hybrid work.

A B: Do you have an anecdote to tell us?
T B: In the mid-2010s, I had the opportunity to visit a beautiful and large Horta house in Brussels and to my great surprise I discovered a collection of my paintings scattered throughout the places. The owner was an admirer of my work. I was amazed that only one person could be so interested in my creation.


Galerie Arnaud Bard « »

92 avenue JB Clément – ​​92100 Boulogne-Billancourt - 06 70 77 36 47



Square of Artists :



Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.

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