The Era of Preorders

In February 2021, ARTIST you have already spoken about the merits of PREORDERS.

Most of you are convinced and converted to this new mode of operation, a small revolution in the spirit of the times and in many areas. That of the Women's Fashion do not escape this new situation.

Let us remember that the postulate of the founders, Brigitte and François, is based on this deliberate choice, claimed to work for the sustainability of the company, theirs... and not only that! yours too! From the moment of purchase, your financing before manufacturing and delivery strongly marks your pledge of confidence. Concretely supported, and able to launch manufacturing very adapted to the right demand, ARTIST the brand is committed to you and will never cease to keep its promise in this alliance.

Indeed, by your pre-order, you co-produce your clothing. You can be proud of your positive approach, your responsible and caring purchase. Team stakeholder ARTIST, you not only share their values ​​but also their state of mind. It does not have a price !

What is the pre-order In fact ?

The pre-order allows you to purchase a product that is not yet manufactured and reserve it before it is even available. By pre-ordering, you are guaranteed to be among the first to receive it as soon as it is released.

The practice is not new, however. It has been used for a long time in the luxury industry (haute couture or men’s tailoring): “ haute couture houses make a version of the outfit in size 32 

for the parade and afterwards it is possible to order it for yourself by changing the dimensions or even other details », Points out Audrey Millet, researcher at the University of Oslo.

This system remains relatively recent in France, at least with regard to ready-to-wear in the universe fashion. It is clear that, in recent years, the phenomenon has become widespread, widely appealing, 

and in particular independent creators and young emerging labels that it is amazing to support.

Today, manufacturers and customers come together. Together, they want to defend a new way of creating, producing and buying clothes. More reasoned, with less waste and taking the time to do things right.

It will always be necessary to dress. ARTIST loves more than anything to create the clothes that you certainly need, but above all that you dream of. 

ARTIST observes, learns, adapts to your new lifestyles, your choices, your freedom. Having been aware of this for many years, Brigitte and François have initiated changes in their personal lives. 

Yesterday, marked at the time by the documentary “ TOMORROW » by Cyril Dion and Mélanie Laurent, they joined this current of positive thoughts, of concrete projects for the planet, adopting an optimistic point of view. 2015 already seems far away, but they still cite the other documentary released simultaneously “ THE TRUE COST » by Andrew Morgan who examines the economics of Fast Fashion. These two films remain so relevant today.

ARTIST love fashion, ARTIST creates in mode, not forgiveness yours 'Women' ARTIST » connected to ART-TO-WEAR.

The fashion has societal, cultural and historical virtues that should neither be forgotten nor rejected. The approach ofARTIST leads to the truest eco-responsible path possible. Not easy, more complicated than one might think, it must be admitted. But a strong will and unwavering motivation drives the team.

The pre-order allows “Produce LESS and BETTER”. It is a relevant business model, one of the keys to reconciling Mode And Ecology, to move towards a reasoned approach, a quality-ethics-price ratio.

« This sales principle shakes up fashion », Judge Pierre-François Le Louët, president of the trend firm NellyRodi and the French Ready-to-Wear Federation.

You, for whom this is the very first time, have you been sufficiently informed about all the good reasons to discover the pre-order ?

Unconditional lover of ARTIST You have just passed a pre-order with complete confidence and without hesitation? …. then again “THANKS !”. 

Do not hesitate to contact us. Monitoring of pre-orders is assured all the time during the session current " BETWEEN THE LINES " of Pola CarmenUntil Sunday, January 23rd at 8:00 PM

But there will always be someone for you: human relationships hold a special place at the heart of the collections ARTIST.

Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.

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