The history of clothing: the ARTIST concept (last part)

Unmarked, the Art-à-Porter label ARTIST was born from 2.0 in 2020. Drawing on their shared experience in clothing fashion, its founders – Brigitte Martin and François Gadrey - have completely rethought their concept. They have art in their skin and the art of telling it through spectacular collections, personified and rare products, in digital mode.

While cultivating mystery, the two leaders and their collaborators involved are active on the social networks without hiding almost anything about the history and values ​​of the company. Their efficient and tailor-made system has changed the journey of their customers. At the house of ARTIST, the consumer of yesterday is living her unforgettable experience of coproducer reassured by this unique brand which makes its modest, but sincere, environmental contribution to society. And who discusses positive initiatives or social well-being because they are socially conscious.

The entire team was able to establish an authentic form of proximity and humanize a special bond, tinged with simplicity and trust. The history of clothing ARTIST continues with delight both among those who provoke it and those who follow it.

In 2022, every woman will easily find her model on our site!

In this environment of privileged relationships, one click is enough to be not only connected but in phase. For sure, in this "family", we have consideration, we know how to listen, answer all questions, thank people for sharing... Including the management who is available and very open to these directly exchanged conversations, often warm, always conducive to reflection, questioning, and concretely the advancement of things.

Waiting for the next online collection presentation, following the reports or video interviews, these meetings with their astonishing unifying power remain unanimously awaited. They translate the emotional character, the symbolic value linked to the manufacture of a garment even today. 

The transformation of the fashion world

Inevitably, the digital transition has therefore led the fashion and luxury industry to position itself on social networks, a new type of communication media.

Entering the game in the 1990s, Internet and the social networks in their meteoric growth are pushing more and more to take the digital turn.

In 2004 : Facebook, in 2006: Twitter, Instagram And Pinterest follow in 2010, Snapchat in 2016… All these different incentives have been flooding the world of fashion via the media, the internet and globalization since the birth of “millennials” - generation “Y” born between 1980 and 2000 –. The fashion shows are broadcast live on the networks, the images accessible to all are shared, commented on, loved, hated. Fashion is no longer only driven by music stars, actors or presenters, as was the case in recent decades, but also by those we call influencers. Since the beginning of the 2010s, bloggers, it-girls, models and celebrities have served as a unit of measurement for the many trends of our time.

Fashion icons from politics, such as former first lady Michelle Obama or the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, influence an entire generation of women in terms of elegance and confidence.

Faced with the giants of e-commerce, the luxury sector has also decided to take the opposite approach, finding the right balance between proximity and an image of excellence.

Social networks have already started the global metamorphosis of clothing and fashion more generally. No doubt, seeing the way in which products are consumed, represented, relayed, etc.

At the same time, each consumer has today become a true actress in the world of fashion. She/he no longer only has an outside perspective, but she/he exercises her supremacy when it comes to the profile managing large audiences.

A stylistic witness of its time, fashion has worked since prehistory (or almost) to extirpate clothing from its primary and therefore functional attributes to assign it socio-cultural desires alongside purely aesthetic concerns.

A revolution - moreover ! – well underway, and which seems to be only in its infancy in the 21st century.

However, ARTIST which relies energetically on all of these digital tools retains its very strong identity. At a saving distance from the injunctions of the times, the two creators preserve their free will like their community: independent women, curious about what is happening around them but determined in their choices, notably that of their clothes.

Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.

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