The Interior of Anne GÉRARD

ARTIST the present as a plastic artist in the sense that it affects all media.Everything interests him, whether it’s paint, paper, molds, objects…

Anne has remarkable know-how, and an equally prodigious “know how to undo”. A fascinating designer, excellent colorist, the power of her imagination releases something intense, a depth of soul.

Why this crush ?

We fell in love with his artistic approach and this work on paper which inspired our very next fall collection. In Anne's studio, we saw dozens of magnificent pieces and we asked her for a few days of reflection.

Was this really necessary? To tell the truth, we had already flashed on:


This interior scene born from the alternation of deliberate skill and skill, the fruit of concentration and casualness, tells of the nostalgia of an old room in a house from another time.

We admire the patterns on the wall tapestry, the period furniture on the carpet, the floor lamp and the cushions: a moving evocation of childhood in itself. As in the memory which initially reassures, we cling to the clear and still vivid details, yet the objects disintegrate, the decor becomes veiled. Some images become blurred. The whole offers us a very figurative composition, some parts of which slide towards abstraction.

The very personal technique ofAnne Gerard :

On the right side of the simple, large Canson sheet, the pencil, ballpoint pen or felt-tip pen, sketches the banal blue or black drawing at the beginning. The skillful left hand traces meticulously and details patiently. The attention to detail is classic mastery.

After this first step, the representation is then transferred to a sheet coated with wallpaper glue. With the help of another person, it is therefore affixed to markers, front side drawn. This very particular “decalcomania” technique undermines the original illustration.

Very quickly, this work in progress is withdrawn, liberated but still bears all the marks of manipulation. Once dry, the artist welcomes the effect of surprise. She reworks everything with colored pencils, felt-tip pens, washes, inks, paint or juice. In its finishes, it blends certain shades to enhance others.

Keep the “accidents”, especially don’t cover them up. Highlight the impression of sloppyness, partially preserve the unpredictable, the forced imbalance of this hazardous operation.

The glue dilutes, hence the loss of image definition and the dilution of colors. Air bubbles, drool, white areas from the glue brush, Anne Gerard flattens the folds here and there, and rejoices. The collision between his initial intentions and the unexpected creates touches of shadows, disappearances, but also appearances!

Her approach :

“…Drawing the mundane things of the world. Fan, shoes, doll dresses, instructions diagrams... The tiny, the intimate, the almost nothing, come back tirelessly and make my paintings and my drawings a sort of Vanities treated with humor and derision.
Under the appearance of a somewhat conventional happiness, there is something of the order of ambivalence, of contradiction, but also a form of violence or contained anguish and melancholy. There is a need to confront the precise and voluntary gestures of painting with “accidents”, uncontrolled traces, and other fruits of chance…
The relationship with time is sometimes found in the opposition of slow and fast techniques in the same drawing. It is also present through the work in series which are never closed, and to which I return, over the years, as if to remind myself of their good memories, to tell them that I am still here, and that we can still do a bit of a journey together. AG.

Her vision of fashion :

“I like mixing styles and my tastes haven’t changed since I was 20. I have an attraction to the motif which comes back tirelessly in my work as an artist.

My favorite item of clothing remains my painter's apron!

More conscientiously, I would like stricter specifications to be put in place so that the design of clothing must be ethical and ecological. » AG.

To hear him talk about his art, watch the video from June 3 in this magazine. To discover it in 10 questions, read the traditional mini-interview with the artist.



Born in France in 1963. Lives and works in Nice (06)
Graduated from the National School of Art – Villa Arson – Nice
Plastic arts teacher in Nice.

She is also the author of texts and illustrations, a children's album and three children's books at Éditions Ricochet.

“The Movement of the Clouds” is his first novel. (Éditions Bélem - 2004)
Exhibits regularly in his region and throughout France.

Galerie LOLA GASSIN – 49 rue Ml Joffre – 06 Nice – 0493886825 –

Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.


  • Doerenbecher christine

    Une technique intéressante des résultats pleins de nostalgie peut être mais surtout de poésie et de rêve.
    Du figuratif deconstruit c est ce que j ai toujours eu envie de faire dans ma peinture.

  • Dabrowski

    Dubitative aussi. Reste à découvrir votre sélection de morceaux choisis…. à dimanche.

  • pouverel

    BOF,cela ne m’ inspire pas du tout ,un monde sombre ,triste ,peut-être l artiste à la nostalgie de l’ ancien

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