Thierry BOITIER's eye

ARTIST is off to a flying start this new year and sets the bar high for a look of a fatal and seasoned go-getter that propels us into the first good days of 2023.

To set the scene: a breathtaking, rare, extreme, perfect print.

It is the very recent artistic period of Thierry Boitier that the brand of Art-à-Porter places prominently with its “ SAFARI <” collection. span>” with the evocative title of a “seductive adventurer” style. Atmosphere, shapes and colors guaranteed “Saharan adventure”.

For almost 3 years, the artist Thierry Boitier has accumulated and combined two talents, one nourishing the other in complete coherence.

Long a visual artist and mainly a painter, his transition to the creation of photographic works occurred naturally, over time. The desire to record the images and impressions collected during numerous trips had simply become an imperative necessity.

The painter’s eye gradually reveals photos and renderings. Beyond the formal beauty of landscapes, plants or objects, he likes to leave the imprint of time. Without preconceived ideas, with just the desire for a particular color, he chases the image. Once captured, he tests it and we end up admiring the pigmented, degraded, stitched, speckled, patinated print… Dotted with calligraphy or signs. Nothing more to add, the content has reached its balance.

“By combining textures, lettering, symbols and graphics with raw photography, I recreate atmospheres steeped in history and poetry. »TB.


The photo that captivated ARTIST - and which will captivate you - shows a beach, an unpopulated, isolated place like few others still exist. To be preserved urgently! A tropical island in its excellence that the photographer has loved for over 20 years. This heavenly expanse expresses its love of still virgin, wild, original spaces. The patiently applied work gives it a historical, old-fashioned character, like old photos from the 19th century.

 The film and aesthetics of Boitier also lead us towards interior and introspective journeys.

Her palette is often bright and contrasting, always harmonious. The highly textured colors evoke material, minerality and space. His creative techniques, resulting from a plural mastery, produce works that are sources of reflection, emptiness and wandering emotions.

Painting and photography – as well as a number of materials in both media – constitute an attractive visual library and a strong artistic signature.

Since childhood, Thierry Boitier has always drawn and “tinkered” with shapes and colors. Which instinctively pushed him as a teenager to join an art school and to study more specifically applied, graphic and plastic arts and textile design.

With his diploma in hand, his experience developed in graphic design and advertising agencies. But he feels that that is not his place. He then turned to textile design and offered his creations to big names in sewing and furniture. This itinerary trains his hand, and chisels his finesse.

Very early, very quickly, Thierry was attracted to painting and electronic music. His musical affinities lead him towards the world of musician Brian Eno, initiator of the “Ambient music” concept. Discreet musicality, with barely perceptible attacks, designed to encourage calm, to leave room for contemplation and introspection, “ambient” becomes its “artistic catalyst”.

While he has been taming pigments, binders, undercoats and also recycled materials for many years, it was the discovery of the work of the painter Richard Texier that would shake up his pictorial codes at the end of the 90s. Combined with all his cultural and artistic references (including Paul Klee) this turning point will establish his perception of more abstract and deconstructed painting.

Thierry BOITIER remains an agitator of memory and places. On the canvas, the materials are glued or tied together: metal, paper, fabric, wood are juxtaposed to form powerful or fragile wholes whose structure is often totemic. 

His work is established, renowned and recognizable by his own style. It was a gallery in Brussels that offered him his first major exhibition; it will be followed by many others, notably in Paris, the Netherlands, California...

Born in 1960 in Île de France.


“SAFARI” session from January 13 to 22, 2023


Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.

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