The ARTIST gift box

A beautiful product comes in a beautiful box. Because our Art-à-Porter can be seen, touched, worn, we wanted our packaging to be like gifts, triggering emotions.

We wanted each piece, as precious as you are unique, wrapped in tissue paper, carefully packaged in its personalized box bearing the image of its theme.

And, a very large majority of you tell us that you love this ritual. Receive the co-produced, imagined, expected order... Deserved! Opening this package is delicious. Treat yourself or please yourself, how sweet! For a bit you would love the container as much as the content!

A French packaging company located in the Jura was selected. It was able to reinvent itself and go green as new technologies brought significant advances. Today, spread across 3 national sites, it relies on 130 employees and produces, among other things, on a press unique in France, without odor. 

With his team, we thought about developing your company and formalizing specifications specifically designed for ARTIST. And we arrived at the most aesthetic and suitable solution at a moderate cost.

We went to the “Prod and Pack” 2021 show and we wanted to talk to you about this aspect of our activity, our concerns and our partners in this area. Factory CARTONÉO, it is therefore the mastery of our conditioning just a stone's throw from home. They buy the raw materials, produce, print, cut and guarantee this manufacturing while respecting the environment.


Some of you asked us about waste. Immediately, we were able to reassure through the processes. Prints are made using aqueous inks; only made of cardboard, all our packaging is recyclable. They can be reused for another gift, or for storage. Otherwise, we choose the yellow container or the recycling center. We got rid of plastic and tape.

The most telling remains the CARTONÉO certifications which convinced us. 

The FSC label is a forest management certification system. He attests that reused products are 100% recycled. He also labels wood that is extracted from forests. When you see the FSC label on an object containing wood, this guarantees that this wood comes from light forestry.ale, with sustainable management. Also, this means that this wood is not linked to deforestation and that its extraction does not harm biodiversity. Finally, the FSC label is the assurance that the wood you hold in your hands does not come from forests of genetically modified trees or that it has not been harvested in violation of the traditional or civil rights of populations.

To be able to be labeled FSC, forests must meet specifications of 10 principles, applied internationally:

Responsible forest management / PEFC :

Only products from PEFC certified forests and then from an uninterrupted manufacturing and marketing chain of certified companies can carry the PEFC label. This is therefore the assurance that the forest owner who cultivated the wood and the forest operator who harvested it have implemented PEFC sustainable forest management practices. This is the traceable affirmation that all companies that subsequently processed and marketed this original wood strictly applied PEFC rules.

The ARTIST box that you receive comes from responsible sources and through your act of purchase – a garment in its cardboard packaging – you participate in the sustainable management of forests. Managing a forest sustainably means taking into account its environmental, societal and economic dimensions.


Recognized by all players in the graphic industries, the national brand Imprim’Vert is committed to reducing the environmental impacts linked to printing activities.

It is thanks to the meeting and support of JFD PACKAGING that we were able to benefit from the wonderful collaboration with CARTONÉO. And we would like to thank them again.

Who are they ? In a way, they play the role of the sales team French packaging manufacturers for over 25 years. They sell packaging, promotional bags and POS directly. It is a packaging design and creation structure. It is our referent, the link between ARTIST and our Jura industrial manufacturer. 

Always very close to our creation studio, located has Dijon in Côte d’Or, they only operate in Burgundy Franche-Comté to be more efficient. And they’re just a stone’s throw from the Jura!

Their graphic charter, as well as their work environment, recalls their commitment to creating ecological packaging that is reusable, recyclable or biodegradable. 

This approach was possible thanks to partner companies like CARTONÉO who have constantly evolved in their investments in new materials, and by favoring the use of eco-responsible materials.

Packaging is an integral part of the product, which is why it must be given time for its composition and sufficient resources so that it can fulfill all of its many functions.

We concerned ourselves with the logistical angles: handling, storage, transportation, distribution. We took care to secure the shipment by respecting postal shipping standards and transport constraints. Your beautiful gift box is therefore itself protected from any temptation and inserted in a neutral, corrugated, recyclable American box.

On the protection side, it was decided to dedicate a single-item box for essential cleanliness and hygiene issues; pfor the product as for yourself. As soon as our models leave the final workshop inspection, they are immediately packaged individually. It is not possible to place several pieces in the same package. 

ThroughARTIST and because our planet is so precious, we fundamentally wanted to adapt our packaging to our values ​​and our aesthetic sense.

Brigitte and François.

Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.


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  • Simonnet

    Encore un article qui m’a beaucoup intéressée. On va finir par tout savoir sur Artist et son environnement.
    C’est vrai, j’adore découvrir ces boîtes si magnifiques avant qu’elles ne révèlent leur contenu. Je les collectionne tant elles sont originales. Mais comme il est suggéré dans l’article, je vais réfléchir à leur donner une nouvelle vie.
    Merci et belle année pour toute l’équipe.

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