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The session " Wonderland " coming to an end. But do we never come back from WONDERLAND d’Éric Roux-Fontaine ? For ten days, this solar traveling companion dedicated to us the timeless time of his painting. A parenthesis at the edge of the painter's swimming pool, bare feet on the edge, humming " By the clear fountain ". How do you resurface, emerge from the canvas and recover from your emotions?

Answer in the travel diary! The mood boardArtist illustrates the turquoise decoration: green of the foliage, azure of the wavelets, lines of sunlight. Intended for silk for the scarf, cotton pique for the dress, the silhouettes sketched by Brigitte crystallize the collaborative collection ofArtist / Éric Roux-Fontaine.

« To paint is attempt to make light from matter. » The artist initiates us.

Instinctively, our artistic tandem accessed the light that splashes in this work. The hoodie, the jacket or the cardigan, the dress too, all these models faithfully interpret it through the intensity and depth of their impression. An elaborate fabric, an active material, the other stretchable, a zip, a fine and discreet braid, so many traces of resurgence to recall the source of inspiration.Who is this gardener who listens to the living? According to him, like a farmer, he listens to his land, turns the matter around, sows a few intentions, and its chaos ends up being organized. A new landscape emerges which only belongs to painting.

This look attracted by all beauties testifies to a sensitive personality. All his art sublimated by 

the force of his phantasmagorical expressions, rubs shoulders with – or perhaps speaks to you informally? – the current of “marvellous or magical realism”. Fragments of memory as we pay homage. A sentimental geography as a sign of recognition to Nature, a hymn to encounter, to others, to difference.

Water, absence, melancholy, animals, the moon, extraordinary gardens and magical forests, even funfairs unforgettable by the virtues of childhood. The very one from which we take flight on the merry-go-round of a life of which we know so little…

In his work, this translates into the superposition of a succession of thin layers of paint. The raw material is thus distilled. The different glazes cover or reveal pieces of the whole at will, carrying a theatricality, full of sought-after vibrations.

The way to get there? Follow " the second star on the right and straight on until morning. » J. M. Barrie, The Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up, 1904.



The artist exhibits in France and pursues a successful international career in Europe and the USA.

  • Collective exhibition at Paris in the month of November 2021

Follow the artist:

  • New report available on YouTube:

and among other documents on “documents artwork eric roux fountain neverlandscape”

  • Book: Neverlandscape from Felli or online.

Authors JPaul Delfino, Salvator Lombardo, Pierre Bongiovani, Pierre Vavasseur


Galerie Felli in Paris -
Alain Daudet Gallery in Toulouse –
The Prince's Eye in Biarritz -

Hugo Gallery in New York -
Waltman Ortega Fine Arts in Miami –
M Fine Arts in Boston -

Eric Roux-Fontaine, French painter born in 1966, lives and works in Versailles. 

Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.

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