Anne GÉRARD’s “decalcomania”

Living space, intimacy, ARTIST-lamarque s’est invitée chez Anne Gerard and set the scene for his latest theme BAROQUE presented in session from June 10 to 19, 2022.

The collection expresses an interior of yesterday for fall fashion from next September: tones between brightness and sobriety, a refined style, expressive silhouettes, artistic prints.

In the artist's imagination Anne Gerard, we often connect to memories, we leaf through a catalog of our traces. His painting thus evokes familiar and intimate sensations linked to memory.

In its alcoves or living rooms, no human presence is detected. However, the windows often represented, the reflections in a mirror, a painting within a painting represent all openings to the outside.

She poetically draws things from the world around her, the mundane and appearances.

His work is entirely produced in the form of series which are never closed. All of his very particular work is a serial progression: an idea of ​​declination, parallel series, a relationship with time. The designs work in relation to each other. Several years can pass between the start of creation and the resumption of the painting which will be continued, reinterpreted, revisited.

Always, everything that underlies the art ofAnne Gerard is linked to ambivalence and contradiction. Due to his very personal approach, the use of his different techniques which collide, the painting is both clear and murky, illustrating objects thwarted or hiding clues.

The initially reassuring atmosphere can sometimes even become worrying.

In her practice, the painter/visual artist uses techniques that undermine the precision of the representation, she mishandles the image of the image, sometimes even to the limits of what is readable. His method of transfer, of decals on a giant format, confronts the precise and voluntary gestures of painting with "accidents", the uncontrolled marks left by the passage of wallpaper glue. His artistic work is based on the opposition of knowledge and ignorance, of the important and the trivial; the principle of his work lies in the confrontation of the signs already recorded on the recovered supports and other reactions or results of chance.

In all cases the fluidity of the paint which "spreads" generously on the sheet contradicts the pattern in its details as well as in its entirety.

ARTIST developed this entire collection BAROQUE in the same spirit, in search of the balance between simple and yet subtle forms. The precise and realistic prints convey a disturbing force in their more blurred areas.

Attention, it's until Sunday, June 19, 2022 !

To hear him talk about his art, view the video from June 3 in this magazine.

Born in France in 1963. Lives and works in Nice (06)
Graduated from the National School of Art – Villa Arson – Nice
Profvisual arts class in Nice.
She is also the author of texts and illustrations, a children's album and three children's books at Éditions Ricochet.
"The Movement of the Clouds" is his first novel. (Éditions Bélem - 2004)
Exhibits regularly in his region and throughout France.
LOLA GASSIN Gallery – 49 rue Ml Joffre – 06 Nice – 0493886825 –

Publié par Viviane VGM, Rédactrice du Magazine Artist La marque.

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